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Intuitive Astrology Sessions

The world needs you to shine. It needs you to live in your full brilliance, offer all of your Divine gifts, create with an open heart, and shine the unique spark of Light you naturally possess. Astrology is a wisdom tool to assist you in connecting to your spiritual journey, owning your personal power, and understanding your greatest potential.

But questions come up along the way: What path should I follow with…? How do I…? When should I…? Why is this happening right now..? Ya know, there’s this special person coming around that I'm interested in...

Together, we dive into the heart of the art – which is you – and discuss your gifts, possibilities, essence, and purpose. It is an honor to reveal your Divine energetic fingerprint more fully and then translate that energy into Real World talk, practical actions, and inspired personal understanding. An intuitive astrology session provides clarity, empowerment, understanding, and the potential for numerous “a-ha!” moments. 

My style is quite unique. Astrology charts are a portal for me, and as I tap into your energy, I open up to more than the planets, the signs, and the archetypes. Depending on what Spirit wants you to know, I connect with past lives, chakras, visions, music, colors, messages from guidance, and who knows what else?! (Ah, the joys of being an Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Intuitive!) Every session is uniquely different and I never know what to expect until you and I connect.

If you are ready for shifts, new levels of empowerment, and insights it's because those shifts, levels of empowerment and insights are ready for YOU. And I would love to play a role in that process!

And be sure to check out the FAQs to see if any of your questions have been covered.

~ Namaste ~


"This was nothing short of amazing. So right on and an amazing degree of resonance on all fronts. It was like no astrology reading I've had before." ~ Valorie F.

"Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful session yesterday!  I feel like I had so many amazing confirmations and insights into where I’m heading.  It was such fun connecting with someone with your gifts and kind manner." ~ Nancy N.

"Such an elegant way of communicating that gets to the heart of a message...You have a real talent for this work..." ~ L. S.

Types of Astrology Sessions

*A quick note about gifted readings: If you would like to purchase a session for a friend, partner, family member, or other awesome person in your life, I am happy to give them a reading with their permission! Please include their email address so I can confirm where to send their gift certificate. And thank you for your thoughtfulness!  


15-Minute MP3 Recording  $44

Simple and convenient: Request, Pay, Receive! A great option for global clients because no scheduling is required.

Are you looking for a quick insight or brief understanding about what is going on right now? Do you have a single question that you feel doesn’t warrant a whole conversation? Send it my way and I’ll record a 15-minute reading that dives into what you need. 

After receiving your birth information and payment, I will send you an mp3 reading within 3 business days.  If you have a specific question or area you want me to look at, please include that in your request!

It is my intention to give you clarity, reassurance, and a connection to “why” you are experiencing this issue so you can direct energy towards resolution, peace, and understanding.  

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Your Essence in this Life (From $111 to $222. See pricing details below.)

You have a unique Divine fingerprint that no one else will ever duplicate. In this session, we discuss the gifts, lessons and potentials of your life path with specific attention on where you are right now. We discover areas where you can find greater Self-fulfillment and explore what your Soul wanted to master this time around. This session will take you back to the Divine purpose of You with empowerment, clarity, and potentials for creating your best life.

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Your Soul's Energetic Imprint (From $88 to $222. See pricing details below.)


Around the sixth month of your mom’s pregnancy, your Soul merged with your developing physical body. The day your Soul entered physical form is a separate astrology chart that provides personal information about your Soul’s energetic imprint, and with this chart, we can examine your energy on a deeper level, including the convergence zone between You as a Soul, you as a human being (natal chart) and your mother’s Soul role in your life.

In this session, we’ll look at the energetic signatures of your Soul Imprint chart and go into more about what your Soul wanted to focus on in this lifetime. Then we’ll pair this chart with your natal chart to discover themes, talents, healing, and potentials that are re-iterated in both charts. The synchronicity is amazing!

The Soul Imprint is also a gateway to your Soul Guides and a connection to meeting more of your spiritual team.

                                                                         I Want This One!

* Price is $88 for returning clients with their natal chart on file. Please go here to purchase.


Your Soul’s Growth in the Next 6 Months (From $111 to $222. See pricing details below.)

Let’s take a look at your natal birth chart and talk about the major energies happening now and in the upcoming 6 months. We’ll cover changes associated with eclipse energies, prominent themes, and the areas of your life that are open (or opening) for greater opportunities.

Great for career planning, personal life developments, and setting goals.

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Happy Birthday to You! (From $111 to $222. See pricing details below.)

Celebrate your day of birth with astrological insights that reveal the year ahead.  Every year offers new themes, possibilities, and areas of focus, so get a heads up on what the next year may hold. This is a great session for knowing where to direct your efforts, what rewards may unfold, and how to take advantage of the best energies for YOU.

Great gift for a friend or loved one who is open to astrology!

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New Baby is Here! (or) How can I know my child better? (From $111 to $222. See pricing details below.)

Meet the little one energetically and get a head start on nurturing them towards their life purpose. Discover important areas of life for their highest possible growth and development, as well as what interests they may have now and in the coming years.

Great gift for moms-to-be and all parents with little ones.

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15-minute mp3 recording - $44

  • Includes downloadable MP3 digital recording
  • Includes natal astrology chart

60-minute Astrology Session - $111

  • Includes MP3 digital recording of our session
  • Includes up to 1 hour of prep time for this 60-minute session

90-minute Astrology Session - $155

  • Includes MP3 digital recording of our session
  • Includes up to 2 hours of prep time for this 90-minute session

120-minute Astrology Session - $222

  • Includes MP3 digital recording of our session
  • Includes up to 2 hours of prep time for this 120-minute session

Scheduling Your Session

Only three simple steps to schedule an astrology session:

1) Go here and fill out this form with your birth information:

  • Birth date
  • Birth time (hour and minute)
  • Birth place (city, state, country)
  • You’ll also be asked to specify the type of session, length of session, and your availability

2) Upon confirmation of our session, I will send you a link to make payment. Please pay in full via PayPal before our scheduled appointment begins.

3) Then give me a call at our designated appointment time and we shall begin our magical conversation!


A few business-y things to know:

  • Sessions are not refundable.
  • Payment is only accepted through PayPal.
  • All sessions are confidential.
  • All sessions are digitally recorded on an MP3 file.
  • Prepaid sessions expire within 6 months from date of purchase.

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