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Free Marketing Courses For Spiritual Authors, Healers, and Open-Hearted Creators - Because People Are Looking For You. Right Now.


Ready to find more online readers and targeted clients?

Motivated to stretch yourself and step into your true purpose more?

Are you a healer looking to share your creations with a bigger audience?

Are you a published author looking to UP your game and results?


The world needs your spiritual wisdom, messages, and gifts right now more than ever. People all over the world are searching the internet looking for greater understanding about themselves, their purpose, their talents, and how they can live their best possible life. 


Are you someone they need to find?


If so, I would love to assist you in serving others and achieving your goals by sharing my 15+ years of marketing expertise and guiding you to greater abundance with your book, products, or services. 


As an indie author and digital marketing expert, I've experienced tremendous results with all of my top projects, including these highlights:


~ My debut memoir The Art of Trapeze, an indie publication, had 22,144 book downloads in 2 days

~ The tile hit #1 in two categories and sat on the Amazon charts next to publishing powerhouses, including 12 Years A Slave

~ This same book made it to the Kindle Top 100, which led to thousands more downloads across Kindle devices worldwide

~ I released three new books in December 2013 and each one made it to Best Seller status on Amazon

~ The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, a traditionally published title I was featured in, hit #1 in New Thought on and includes many of today's influential Thought Leaders

~ I created, hosted, and promoted an online event, Conscious Wisdom Festival, which connected with  thousands around the globe - woot, woot!

~ My popular weekly radio show has received 70,000+ downloads from all over the world - and counting!


So how can I help you? 


There has never been a greater time to share your gifts, messages, and books with the world.  But how can you do that effectively? My intention for these free marketing courses is to use my 15-plus years of marketing expertise, online communication strategies, and skilled publicity knowledge to save you hours of time and wasted effort.


People need to find you, and you want to connect with them. Together, you and I can develop a strategic plan that supports your success and opens you up to new readers and clients. 


Do you know what your 'bumper niches' are? Are you communicating to three different audiences? How does your marketing calendar stack up? What are you actively doing to bring in new business (Twitter counts, but you need to do more!) Are you spending your day making wise marketing choices and getting results - or do you feel overwhelmed by it all?


Lots of questions that lead to gathering more information, right! This is where I come in.


I've held the roles of Digital Marketing Strategist, Email Marketing Manager, and Brand Development Manager, among other titles, and have expertly guided Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to their online goals. 


I take years of intricate marketing knowledge and bring it to YOU, the independent artist who probably does not have access to the resources, people, and research of a multimillion dollar company. Most importantly, I make it simple for you.


Even though my publishing niche is New Age Spirituality and Inspiration, any author or artist looking to make an impact in their niche will benefit from this information.


It's an exciting time to be an indie author or heart-based creator, and there is room for everyone - all of us! - to be wildly successful. In fact, I have a very specific point to make about online marketing right now, and I'll share that in the first class. No one else is going to tell you this perspective, so you'll know instantly if these courses are a fit for you or not.


Throughout 2014, these free marketing courses will provide you with tips, expert advice, shortcuts, and insights about best practices, including:


  • The best ways to use Facebook right now
  • Identifying your three target markets (not just one!)
  • The New Era of Marketing (you're a part of it!)
  • Honoring who you are as a marketer and working on your terms
  • Making the most of your marketing budget (or lack there-of)
  • Being a mentally-strong, openhearted author and creator
  • How to find your focus with creative projects
  • How to be your own biggest champion and not sound like a jerk
  • How to get stuff DONE in the best way for you
  • How to rock social media just a little bit more
  • Awesome resources, people, and websites I highly recommend
  • And so much more!


Plus, every class will include tasks and action items for you to do on your own.


These classes are packed with valuable content, so we will move at a fast pace to get through the full agenda. This is also why you will have access to a downloadable mp3 of each session!   


Classes are held every two weeks.

Specific class details are sent to you via email.


Upcoming schedule: 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, June 19, 2014 


Previous classes are available here  


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Resources for Creative Inspiration

5 Keep-It-Simple Marketing Tips for Indie Authors

Experiencing Creative Comparison? 5 Ways To Move Through It


Having Fears Around Lack, Rejection, Personal Expression, Sharing Your Gifts - and more? I recommend this Emotional-Mental Detox Program from Suzanna Kennedy if you want to leave all of THAT behind and to step into your true creative spirit. 

Because seeing is believing...

Achieving Best Seller status on Amazon amplifies your ongoing results in numerous ways. Although these snapshots are important, what you don't see is how a book can take off within Amazon's algorithms and internal systems.

Ongoing promotion is a must and every book requires stamina for marketing success. I'll share with you more about what I've learned and how to keep your momentum going with practical planning. You can do this - I believe it's possible for ALL of us! 

For example, I realized that launching multiple books at once had huge benefits, but also required more work than I anticipated! I know better for next time how to prepare for simultaneous debuts.  





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My debut indie book next to "Twelve Years A Slave" on Amazon! Ca-razy!!

Blown away by over 22,000 downloads in 2 days!

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