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Chan·nel·er: a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person's body or conscious mind; specifically : one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits

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New World Order of Service: Remove, Contain, Create

"Leaps in spiritual growth occur when what was unconscious is brought to your awareness and shown to you as something you are ready to elevate in some manner. This begins at the Soul level first when your Higher Self knows it is in your best interest to receive new information that will greatly contribute to your expansion of personal power by healing Soul lessons that you agreed to master before arriving in physical form. When something is brought to your consciousness it is because you are ready to focus on this area of mastery."


Opening the Red Velvet Curtains of 2012

"New openings will be available to you in 2012 as never before. Some of you have been standing in the hallways of your lives for a while, waiting for the next doorway to open. Perhaps you have even been trying to slam on certain doors to force them open. Perhaps you have sunk down to the ground in disbelief and fear. Perhaps you have impatiently paced and jumped and moved in circles while waiting for a door to open; the door you know will open. Your patience and willingness to trust has not gone unnoticed and is in fact part of your grander reward. The curtains to a new reality will soon swing wide open and reveal to you everything you have wanted lifetimes to experience."


You Are a Jewelry Store

A reoccurring theme at this time is that you cannot avoid yourself. You cannot avoid your gifts, your talents, your Divine personal light that shines through your human suit. You also cannot avoid hurts, pains, fears or the unconscious guiding beliefs that no longer serve you. You cannot avoid or deny any of the beautiful qualities of your Being that need your attention. 


Be the Light You Carry In Your Heart

Your light is composed of everything that has happened to you in your life and  it is what you offer to the world.  Each soul has a light that is unique, like DNA and fingerprints, and it can never be duplicated. Your light is created by everything that makes up you: the history, family, talents, challenges, perspectives and relationships you have experienced all contribute to your light essence beyond what the mind can decipher. 


A Time of Truest Intentions

Stay in alignment with what you truly want. Place your thoughts on these desires and summon the power to hold steadfast to them. Your intentions will guide you as long as you can stay the course and keep your eyes focused on the joy, love and happiness that is your divine birthright.

Be the Peace You Carry In Your Soul

Peace is an energy that must be created. It only exists and thrives with conscious intention. To experience peace is to connect to the parts of your soul that know it regularly. You must call on it with intention and bring it out into the world.


Be the Silence That Allows You to Receive

Silence is one of the greatest opportunities to be a recipient of Divine Love. It is the decision to trust the messages that come through that you hear, although this is not hearing with human ears. It is a hearing of the soul that is more elaborate, and yet so finely simplistic it takes removing the human ears to truly listen.


The End of Illusions

If this message is connecting to you and raising your curiosity, then there is something here speaking to an innate wisdom inside of you. This innate wisdom is ready for a voice and outlet. This is the part of you that has an eternal knowingness about your purpose in the world. Trust that knowingness.

A Time of Great Change

This is a time of great change that is unprecedented. If you are able to change too, your life will raise to unprecedented levels of peace, happiness and abundance as well.


Be the Prayer You Wish to Receive

Every prayer sets an intention for the highest and brightest energy to come forth. As you initiate prayers, the energy forms instantaneously and flows without boundaries. A prayer does more than any scientific technology, nor human mind, can prove in material form.


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