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The Cosmic Definition of Belonging

Posted on February 12, 2012

“The bravest souls are the ones who volunteer to go first with their light into the darkest corners.

 As you offered to carry your lantern and hold it out in front of you, with each careful step you were met with shadows, fears, darkness and wounds. These were not the aspects of yourself you were hoping to find nor were these the experiences you desired to have. After holding the lantern during these times of deep personal doubts, you came to believe that it was all a mistake, a wrong turn, a circular path in the dark that only led back to the same starting point again and again. As you stand holding a lantern with aching arms, you face your fears of not belonging, of missing out on the true light, and of living a life of solitude. You may have doubted everything about yourself at times on this path.

And this is exactly why you decided to go first and not only carry the light, but hold the light. Be the light. Shine the light during times of uncertainty. You agreed to hold it until others were ready to join you and share the space that you have so lovingly created with the highest and best intentions. Many of you have been waiting for years and some of you have been waiting for lifetimes for others to join you in this light. But the time measurements are not important. The fact that you are still volunteering with an open heart to share the light is what matters.

Part of your soul’s growth during this time is the understanding that you belong to the cosmic family of energy regardless of who or how many are with you at this time. The human realm is composed of data, numbers, statistics and labels that you use to define success, effort, hard work and rewards. You have trained yourself to look for validation in these numbers that are all around you. You have developed a monetary system that many believe determines their personal worth. You have these systems ingrained in your unconscious mind as a way to determine your belongingness.

What if you decided to understand yourself based on energy instead of numbers? If you chose this approach, you would see the interconnectedness between yourself and All That Is from a much higher view that does not require anyone else to be standing next to you in order to belong to the human family. The energy of light far exceeds the energy of numbers. The energy of Love far exceeds the world of money. It is not that these are mutually exclusive energies; it is that they are not truly comparable. It is time to take responsibility for the perspective of belongingness that you have believed up to this point and understand that a bigger cosmic project is underway. Simply by volunteering to be a soul on earth at this time means you are part of the energy of belonging. It is time to own your light more fully.

As an example, look at what is within your physical body. Consider the multiple systems that are always in motion. Consider how each organ in your skin is alive, moving and carrying out its purpose regardless of what is happening externally. Does your liver stop functioning when you come to a Stop sign on the road? Does your skin stop shedding when the sun sets? Does your nervous system stop when there is a “catastrophe” in the world? Do any of these parts of you question if they belong when they can’t “see” the other parts of you that they are working in conjunction with?

No. Each of these physical capabilities continues to function within you as part of the whole. They belong simply because they exist. They have value for their role in the grander project. They belong to the whole because they are essential.

When you feel the loneliness, solitude, “misfit” and “I don’t belong” energy begin inside, notice that it comes from your Ego Mind. It never comes from your Heart Mind. It comes from the mental plane that is trying to find a way to put your unique piece into the puzzle. The Ego Mind is looking for validation and acknowledgement externally. The Ego Mind is trying to protect itself from experiencing the pain of solitude, abandonment, rejection and hurt that it has known before. The Ego Mind has gone into a fearful place where it is looking for more Love. That Love is always found in your Heart Mind.

Your Heart Mind is a place of eternal safety. The Heart Mind carries only a vibration of acceptance, acknowledgement and Love. No other vibration can ever enter this space unless it is of the highest levels of energy. Your Ego Mind is looking for what your Heart Mind can provide, but due to the constant external stimuli of your environment, you turn outward to seek that which resides internally. It is a game you play with yourself until you return to the energy of your Heart Mind that you always hold. When you master this game, you master your needs more fully. You master your need to belong.

From a cosmic perspective, asking if you belong here is like asking if water belongs on the earth or if the stars belong in the sky. You are the stars. You are the sky. You are the water. You are the earth.  When you get quiet within, the re-membering of this mission will return more fully and the comfort you seek will be familiar again. You will feel calm and reassured around your Light and your weak arms holding a heavy lantern will gain greater strength. The lantern will only grow Light-er in weight and brighter in volume.

Volunteering to exist as a Human Be-ing is about Be-longing to a grand cosmic project. Your Be-ingness means you are a vital and valuable part of humanity. You know this. You have this knowingness in your DNA which is why your physical body is a success and works for you on a daily basis.  

You do not truly require anyone else to validate your belongingness. You carry the bravery and courage to hold out your lantern with strong arms and to offer it proudly with Love.  You are vitally needed, respected and adored beyond measure. Always carry this wisdom with you in your lantern."


A video recording of this message was posted on YouTube by another soul who resonated with this message:


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