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Discover a special selection of empowering events, workshops, and gatherings offered by myself (and some of my favorite people). Many are *free.* All are designed to expand your consciousness and connect you with your innate wisdom and answers.

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New! FREE Author Awesomeness Classes

Are you writing a book - or have plans to get that going?

Are you ready to publish and launch your beautiful creation into the world? 

Are you a published author looking to UP your game and results?

Or are you looking to improve your online marketing skills with a product? 

Then I would love to assist you in achieving your goals and share tips about being a successful author!

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Conscious Cool Chic Radio Show - Live Every Wednesday

We talk about all kinds of consciousness awesomeness in this popular weekly show!

Topics include inspiring cosmic messages, astrological updates, spirituality insights, timeless wisdom, and more to add empowering awesomeness to your life - and have some fun along the way! The first half of the show covers consciousness and spirituality topics while the second half of the show is focused on astrology. Special guests make appearances throughout the month, too, to share with you their latest and greatest talents.

Bring your astrology chart for personal insights about what is happening in the stars above now.

All of the fun is here, as well as on iTunes. 

The Thought Book Sessions 

Deeply compelling, educational, heart-centred; you will discover how the power within you is greater than anything and why what you are thinking about can - and does - change the World itself.

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever is a powerful, inspirational book that has gathered 52 Thought Leaders from around the world to share their stories of incredible moments that brought them to a whole new realm of possibility for their lives.

Join co-creators Dr. Christian Guenette and Gillian Laura Roberts for this free live event as they host each of the contributing authors and invite you to learn more about their story, the incredible work they are doing in the World, and how you can join "The Thought Movement."

Join the weekly event here: 

 The Thought Book Sessions - Meet a New Author Every Wednesday!

Time: Wednesday at 6:00pm Pacific/ 9:00pm Eastern/2:00am Greenwich

 Check out the details for each week here

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