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Expanding Beyond Ancient Belief Patterns

Posted January 27, 2012

"At this time, there are energetic imprints that are becoming incredibly uncomfortable for many. The imprints are related to ancient belief patterns that you have carried for yourself, your families, and your soul groups for centuries. Part of your mission was to initially gather these energetic imprints from those you love to experience the energy with them. You agreed to hold these belief patterns to unite your purposes and form bonds.

Now the energy-sharing has changed to a new format where you are ready to take those energetic imprints and lift them up to a higher place. Imagine holding them in your hand, and then raising them to a place above your head. This is what you are being asked to do at this time. This is why you feel great discomfort, confusion and inner conflicts around the relationships because the completion of these familial and communal belief patterns feels like another separation from those you love. For many, separation from loved ones has been a big theme in your Soul’s growth over the past few years.

Every soul is composed of belief patterns that you have come to understand as belief systems. Energetically, there are differences between patterns and systems that are vital to understand as you move beyond the energy you have been carrying.

Belief systems function because they are being fed the same energy repetitively that keeps them in motion. Look at any system around you and notice that it is sustained on reliable sources of energy. From mechanics to politics to nature, you are surrounded by systems that work both independently and interdependently together. A system can change, but typically it results in the dismantling of the entire structure first to release all the old energy that it is composed of and has relied upon for operation.

Comparatively, belief patterns are types of energy that exist with the potential and desire to change over time. Your belief patterns have been formulated, at their root, with the expectation of expansion. They were created by you and for you to grow in all ways that you choose, when you choose to do so. A pattern can change harmoniously without breaking down what you have already put into motion. A pattern is pliable and able to change form energetically without dismantlement.

It is time to release the belief patterns you have held onto in order to continue your journey forward. Your family and community have given you a gift of this energy. Your family and community agreed to support you by providing a place to begin. You agreed to support them by providing a new direction for the belief patterns to go so they can expand to their highest potential. There is mutual support in affect with these agreements, and they are looking to you to lead the way.

The driving intention right now is to honor your path more fully and joyfully in the year 2012. It is vital to call upon your inner compass as a barometer to where you need to go because you are ready, willing and able. There is no holding back, and after all that has been accomplished, why would you? Why would you hold yourself back in anyway? You are the ones who are needed to hold the torch of Light and lead the parade. You have done such an amazing job for eons with this work, and now the parade is going to be received and loved by a fuller audience. Do not miss this glorious time! It was made by you, for you, and for the benefit of all. The parade is turning an important corner.

You may be feeling a stirring in your soul that it is appropriate to go off and do your own work at this time, away from what you have known as familial support and love. This can show up in any variety of ways, from reducing contact, limiting gatherings, or simply detaching energetically with Love. You will know what is best for you with each person. On a soul level, they will know and accept this as well because the work you are doing is not separate from them at all – it is, in actuality, for ALL.

It is not to say that this is easy for humans to do. Deep feelings, soul wounds, ancient contracts, and the Ego Mind will all come up to be addressed. Every time you feel something heavy, dense or deep arrive in front of you, view yourself sitting down to talk to it. Have a heart-based conversation with this part of you. Allow it to say everything it needs to express. Give it room to communicate fear, anger, hurt, sadness, loss. Allow it to be heard. And as you listen, send Love to every part of it that needs to receive higher energy. Give it showers of Love to feel safe. Remind this part of yourself that you agreed to raise the energetic belief patterns for the good of all and there is nothing to fear with this change. There is only more Love to allow in.

A perspective to consider is that separation is never real. In fact, it is impossible. You are not able to separate from those you love because you are One, bound and connected by the eternal light of your Being and your deep Love for each other.

Consider viewing this phase of your journey as part of the human game. You are playing a game that requires you to be in different places right now and to do different work. Think of it as a form of Hide-and-Seek. Although you will be in different places and may not see each other clearly, it is only temporary and only a game. You will always find each other again and reunite because you are “hiding” in a different room in the same house.

The patterns you agreed to change will be evident due to the discomfort created within your solar plexus. You will feel a growing redness in your belly when something old and outdated has come before you. Energetically, sit with this discomfort and visualize bringing the redness up to your heart chakra. See it change from red to orange to yellow to white. This will take as long as you need it to. Then, release the white light through your heart, beyond your arms and see it dissipate like stars into the air around you. Breathe deeply. Send gratitude and Love to every star you see.

Additionally, it may be challenging at times for your Mind to go through this process because the new, higher belief pattern may not be clear at first. You may be looking for something to grab onto and hold. The landscape may appear foggy, fuzzy or vacant. Allow this to be and do not force anything. The Knowingness will arrive when it is time.

Rest assured that many of you will be experiencing this transition simultaneously all over the planet. You are uniquely positioned to hold Light exactly where you are. Together you create a grand energetic grid system that is uplifting the energy for millions. Envision your work together as a net in the water rising to the surface. You are each a unique corner of this net and an essential component to the process of elevating energy.

Expanding beyond ancient belief patterns is a service you agreed to perform for the benefit of mankind. Now is the accepted time to focus on this release process while holding the highest intentions of Love, happiness and joy for All. In fact, it’s the only intention you have ever held at a Soul level.”

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