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Can an astrological reading help me?

A reading can absolutely assist you if you are open and willing to receive new information. A session is a two-way conversation between us to explore your highest potentials, tap into greater personal understanding, and find solutions to matters on your mind and in your heart. We discuss the meanings of prominent energies, explore how to prepare for upcoming potentials, and most importantly, tune into your unique gifts and purpose that will bring you fulfillment, success and empowerment.

Why would I want a reading?

It depends. Maybe you are seeking clarity about an on-going issue, or have a burning question you can’t find a suitable answer for. Perhaps you want to know yourself better on a deeper level. Or maybe you need to know a suitable career path to follow. The reasons for having a session are numerous and every person has different motivations. The clearer you are about what you need, the more we can dig in and get to some awesome answers for you.

Can I request a session for someone else?

Requesting a session for someone else is very thoughtful of you! And I am happy to send them a gift certificate so they can experience a reading when they are ready. I send a gift certificate to their personal email address stating that the reading is from you and that they have up to 3 months to redeem the session.

Just to explain a bit more, I do not provide sessions for partners/friends/loved ones without their consent and willingness. An astrology chart is very personal, and a lot of information can be gleaned from a reading that is only intended for that person, if they should want it. From personal and professional experiences, I have seen how it is a violation of someone's energy when another requests information on their behalf that they have not consented to. I choose to uphold a high level of respect for all of my clients, and this is also why I protect your personal astrology chart and information, as well.

Consider this: Would you want someone to have access to your astrology chart and energy without your permission? Although your intention is pure and loving, it is an issue of integrity to respect each person's chart and to not divulge any information that violates their privacy and free will. 

Please note that there are no refunds on gift certificates.

I don't quite understand how astrology works. Does that matter?

Nope, not at all. I consider myself a translator: I take astrological information and put it into a language you understand. My philosophy is that astrology is meant to guide us on our human journeys, so it needs to be tangible for you. Or else what’s the point, right?  

Will astrology tell me my future?

Astrology reveals energetic possibilities and potentials, but YOU decide the actions to take, the behaviors to modify, and the best path to follow that suits your preferences. Astrology is a wisdom tool that illuminates. It will light the way with clarity, empowerment and wisdom, but YOU (powerful, glorious, talented YOU) will decide what to take with you on the journey ahead. 

Just curious: How are you different than other astrologers?

Good question! I blend astrological understanding with intuitive guidance and practical coaching advice to give you a distinctive combination of empowering insights. I’m an attentive listener (nodding head), cheerleader (“Yeah, DO IT!”), empathetic ally (“I know”), and “WOW, you’re an amazing soul” kind of astrologer.

I’m also the one who will point out “the lesson” in growth opportunities; reveal ongoing patterns that are ready to shift to a higher level; and call out things you may be trying to hide from yourself. I do those things with clients because it’s what I do with myself. And it’s all from a place of Love.

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