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Meditation is a quieting of the mind, connecting to your breathe

and being open to receiving higher levels of peace, calm and mindfulness.


Being on the computer can be the hardest time to quiet the mind. The flashing words, the images, the continual links to click! Not to mention the continual stream of emails, Facebook news feeds and Twitter updates, oh my. So much continual stimuli can overwhelm our brains, spirits and energy levels to exhaustion. And unfortunately, it's become the new normal for daily life.

So here's a quick 5-minute fix to balance computer time and center yourself right now with ease and gentle focus.


Focus on these simple steps:


1. Close your eyes and put all mental things on a shelf.

Literally: Visual all of your thoughts, ideas and worries being gently placed on a beautiful shelf. Back up and let them be still for now.


2. With eyes closed, take three slow deep breathes.

Feel your rib cage expand fully, and then decompress fully.


3. Now focus on relaxing all parts of your body slowly. Start at the top of your head.

Take a deep breath in and relax ears. Exhale.

Take a deep breathe and relax your jaw. Exhale.

Continue with chin, neck, shoulders, working your way slowly down to toes. 


4. After reaching your toes, bring awareness to your heart.

Put a hand on your heart and take three more deep breaths.

Feel your rib cage expand fully through your hand, heart and body. Exhale.


5. Slowly open eyes and come back into the room.

Stretch gently either while seated or standing up.

Observe what thoughts, ideas and worries are still on the shelf and which ones are fading away.

Continue with focused breathing for as long as possible.


Effective meditation changes internal energy and creates greater focus, peace and contentment. This quick tune-up is provided as a meditation technique while at the computer. (It may take practice to sit at the computer screen and not look at it.)

Bookmark this page to reference it whenever needed. Check out the music information below to download it for your own use. (Huge file but worth it!)

Another tip: Since Conscious | Cool | Chic is now available in a mobile version, you can easily access these techniques on your mobile devices as you commute, travel, daydream, sit, ignore, wait, stare, imagine, relax and simply enjoy being a human Being.

The Music: A Healing Gift to Humanity

The soothing music on this page was created by Frederic Delarue. Frederic has been developing celestial sounds since the tender age of 12, and offers this selection to you with special intentions:

"The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced."
This song is a free musical offering that is never to be bought or sold.

You can download it here for your own personal use.

The story of how this music came about is lovely and worthy of discovering here.


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