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Are you ready to launch something special into the world?

Do you have a book, class, service, or product you want to reach up to 100,000 spiritually-minded people?

Are you looking for guidance, support, and expertise to do it right with maximum results?


If you're ready to reach new people or BOOST your global presence, then my Multimedia Advertising Packages with weeks of strong promotion may be a great opportunity for you!


We all love the immediacy of instant results, but the truth is that effective marketing is on-going, interesting, and connects a quality offering with the right audience. The one-and-done marketing approach is...well, done. (And you can spend a lot of money on it through other services if you want.)

I connect regularly with a niche audience excited about metaphysical, esoteric, and non-religious spiritual topics. Each multimedia advertising package is designed to BOOST your reach, influence, and connections to a global population genuinely interested in your offering.

Multimedia Advertising Packages are perfect for:


~ Book Launches

~ New Programs

~ Upcoming Classes

~ Specialty Products & Kits

~ New Business Launch

~ Hello, I'm Here! Business Upgrade

~ Website Revisions/Launches

~ Anything you are ready to take out into the world!


My 15-plus years of marketing expertise, online communication strategies, brand development, and skilled publicity knowledge can save you hours of time and wasted effort. I've experienced tremendous results with all of my top projects, including:

~ My debut memoir The Art of Trapeze, an indie publication, hit #1 in two categories and sat on the Amazon charts next to publishing powerhouses, including 12 Years A Slave

~ Three new books released in December 2013 all made Best Seller status on Amazon

~ The Thought That Changed My Life Forever hit #1 in New Thought on

~ Created, hosted, and promoted an online event, Conscious Wisdom Festival, which connected with  thousands around the globe

~ Popular weekly radio show has received 70,000+ downloads from all over the world - and counting!


Integrity + Passion + Trust

You've put a lot into what you're sharing, and this audience has a passion for quality spiritual offerings. However, I've learned from previous experiences that not every offer, promo, affiliate program, book, video, or movie that comes in the door is a solid match. (Flops are great teachers!)

If your amazing creation is not a match for my audience, I will let you know quickly so you can move forward and connect with another marketing opportunity.

Most importantly, readers and listeners trust what I bring to them - and that trust is gold. 

Plus, I have a few highly-effective pièce de résistance marketing secrets up my moxie sleeve (wink).


Consider your Multimedia Advertising Package the beginning of something bigger!


Multimedia Advertising Packages

~Every Multimedia Advertising Package includes two weeks of on-going promotion.

~ A promotion can begin on any calendar date.

~ A minimum of ten calendar days is required before launch.

~ Touch Points are the number of places you will show up across all marketing channels.

Social Media Extravaganza

Reach up to 20,000+

Online and Social Media

$199 for two weeks of steady promotion

6 Touch Points

Multimedia Deluxe

Reach up to 50,000+

Radio, Online, Social Media

$499 for two weeks of steady promotion

9 Touch Points

Premium Multimedia Presence

Reach up to 100,000+

Radio, Online, Social Media, Custom Graphics

$1299 for two weeks of steady promotion

9 Touch Points, plus one-on-one interview and custom promotional graphics

*4 Additional Touch Points available for authors

*Print Touch Points available with monthly package


Prime Platform Elevation (Custom)

Starts at $5,000 

Includes all of the above, and then we kick it up considerably by elevating your influence and presence to new levels through unique attention-grabbing events, opportunities, and strategic development. Incorporates current business best practices with a focus on making a return on your investment. Prepare to make an amazing splash! 

If you're interested in exploring a collaboration, let's get started here.

To your unlimited success,



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