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It's an exciting time to be an indie author, friends! I released five books in 2013 and each one hit Best Seller status on Amazon. Select titles will be available on NOOK, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo throughout 2014.


Hit #1 in 2 Amazon categories in less than 3 days!

Available in digital and paperback.


 On a random Thursday morning, with nothing to lose and only a dream to gain, Molly McCord decides to move to Paris, France to follow the courageous call of her heart. She arrives in a city she has never visited before and where she knows no one, yet she trusts her ability to figure it out because her adventurous life has prepared her for this biggest of leaps. She carries the wisdom of Solitude, Strength, Style, Flexibility, Heart, Endurance, and Grace in her non-matching luggage collection.

Molly’s soul-riveting experiences unfold in surprising ways as she discovers the joys and realities of life as a foreigner in France, falls in love with a sexy Turkish man, moves her cats across the Atlantic, enjoys the rare opportunity of working for a U.S. Ambassador, and creates the life of her dreams in less than two years.

Yet when unexpected developments require her to surrender once again, a higher consciousness catches her with a deeper spiritual awakening.

The Art of Trapeze soars with emotional honesty, delightful humor, unexpected wisdom, and inspiring spiritual perspectives around living life to the fullest when nothing is guaranteed except gravity.

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Exciting to see my INDIE book on the charts next to publishing powerhouse titles! 


 "Beautifully written, charmingly funny - even hilarious - and remarkably open, honest, and down-to-earth, Ms. McCord has gifted us with a pure example of how life can be such a beautiful, grand adventure..." ~ Starfield Press

"In many ways, Molly tells you how to be brutally honest with your own soul and get on with your own life in an extremely courageous way." ~ Rick DiClemente, Author of "The Exquisite Zodiac",  Intuitive Astrologer

"Molly McCord is not one to sit on the sidelines wondering what life might be like "if only." Following along on her journeys allows us to see what it is like to try something out of our comfort zone, and how amazingly well even the riskier things can turn out. She teaches through example how to trust, how to adjust her thinking so she is putting out the right vibration, how to take necessary risks, and how to regroup if things go awry." ~ Lois Wetzel, MFA, Author, Reiki Master, BodyTalk Practitioner


 The Art of Trapeze is the first book in

The Awakening Consciousness Series

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Gorgeous cover designs created by the talented Lloyd Matthew Thompson  

                                          Latest Book Releases

The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness

The second book in The Awakening Consciousness Series is a must-have guide for any artist, entrepreneur, writer, teacher, or contemporary seeker who is curious about their spiritual journey.

Referencing Joseph Campbell’s highly influential “The Hero’s Journey” alongside her bestselling memoir, The Art of Trapeze: One Woman’s Journey of Soaring, Surrendering and Awakening, Molly McCord, M.A., brings groundbreaking wisdom to a modern woman’s experiences of spiritual growth.

The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness offers an original exploration through 11 phases of spiritual growth, from answering the Call of her Soul and Opening Up To A Greater Power, to Surrender, Awakening to Deeper Soul Power, and Mastery of Her Consciousness.

Inspiring, original spiritual concepts include:

  • Differences between spirituality and religion

  • The five types of consciousness on the planet now

  • The Elevator and the Spiral

  • Soul Mates, Soul Contracts, Soul Agreements, Soul Groups, Karmic Relationships

  • Past life connections to geographic locations

  • Surrender and supreme separation from God

  • Being conscious in an Unconscious World

  • And more “a-ha” connections and breakthroughs for conscious living

The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness brilliantly explains the gifts at every phase of spiritual growth and reveals how the inner journey is an awakening to more of herself.


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Paperback coming soon

 Conscious Messages:

Spiritual Wisdom and Inspirations for Awakening


A practical, uplifting collection of timeless wisdom about modern spiritual awakening.

From affirming that Where You Are Is Where You Need to Be and owning your personal truth, to cosmic perspectives on emotional energy, being in alignment with your intentions, and expanding beyond limiting belief systems, these brand new 21 channeled messages provide you with simple, direct perspectives about stepping more fully into your soul’s light.

One to keep on your nightstand for joy, clarity, and empowerment!


Get the Kindle version here!



Conscious Thoughts:

Powerful Affirmations To Connect With Your Soul’s Language

 An evolutionary guide with a rare combination of modern situations, past life connections, and powerful affirmations that speak to your Soul with high vibrational energy!

Affirmations are conscious thoughts that can be amazingly effective when the root energy is identified. Discover how to heal unconscious patterns, move beyond repetitive lessons, and change your understanding around what is holding you back in life.

Plus, get to the heart of how affirmations work, why they support your spiritual growth, how to use them powerfully, what affirmations do NOT do, and six key tenets for maximum results.

Five short stories with past life connections and healing affirmations included in this charming collection :

  • Reclaiming Your Personal Power  

  • Dealing With Shadow Feminine Energies

  • Adult Bullying

  • Your Body As Your Ally

  • Roadblocks to Creative Expression and A Loving Partnership

Enjoy over 40 original affirmations for Forgiveness, Love, Career, Health, Trust, Creativity, Prosperity, Living Your Best Life, and more!

Get the Kindle version here

Released in January 2013

A rare collection of wisdom! I was selected to be a contributing author to the traditionally-published book, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever (Morgan James), alongside such luminaries as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bernie Siegel.


52 Thought Leaders.

52 Life-changing moments.

1 Incredible book.

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever is an inspirational gem highlighting the art and science of changing your mind, with a unique approach that will please both science and spirituality enthusiasts alike!

With the massive popularity of the Oprah Winfrey show and her wellspring of “a-ha” moments, it’s obvious people around the World continue to seek answers to the age-old questions: “Why are we here?” and “What is my purpose?”

The book not only offers valuable insights into the process of finding a solution to life’s most challenging conundrums, but also provides 52 real-life examples of how it’s been achieved—leaving a firm belief in each of our minds that even the most difficult situations can be overcome, one thought at a time. 

Discover more here


What people are saying...


This book is a testimony to the mystery and power of the human mind to create and transcend our ordinary reality. I recommend it as an inspiration and challenge to everyone. 

~ Harville Hendrix, Author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

 'The Thought That Changed My Life Forever ' captivated my attention and moved my whole being right until the final word. 

~ James Twyman, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Barn Dance and The Moses Code

What if you could fully engage in the thoughts of an aspiring new generation of spiritually inspired entrepreneurs and master teachers of “new thought?” Here they are! 

~ Jennifer McLean - Host of “Healing With the Masters” and Creator of “Body Dialog System of Healing”

If you’ve ever wondered whether thoughts can change the World, read this book…and allow your life to be changed!

~ Stephan Martin, Astronomer and Author of Cosmic Conversations: Dialogues on the Nature of the Universe and the Search for Reality



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