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Conscious Cool Chic's guiding philosophy is to share consciousness-raising energies, messages, and astrological connections to empower your journey in this lifetime.

Quick elevator introduction:

As an international spiritual teacher, I (enthusiastically!) share my gifts as a bestselling author, astrologer, intuitive, Empath, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and channel. My first spiritual awakening occurred in 2002; my intuitive gifts opened up more fully in 2007; I started channeling in 2009; and I’ve been studying and practicing astrology for 20 years. My Real World resume reflects 15+ years of combined experiences as a Marketing Director, Digital Marketing Strategist, Communications Expert, Brand Development Enthusiast, and Event Planner, plus I have a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.

{Translation: I’m a spiritual communicator and connecter who doesn’t sit still very well.}


What you'll find as you click around here:



Spiritual themes, energy updates, intuitive messages, affirmations, and inspirations are posted regularly here on the blog, plus on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


The weekly radio show is heard by thousands every Wednesday at 12pm PST/3pm EST/ 8pm GMT on Blog Talk Radio and you can download every episode on iTunes. Topics range from current energies and astrological themes to channeled messages and insights. There is never a script – I wing it with Spirit! – and love the rush of what comes through for all of us.

You'll meet awesome healers, authors, and teachers, so check out the list of interviews in the archives. Plus, I answer your top spiritual questions the last week of every month so we can support and assist each other through the energies - we’re all in this together!



My astrological specialty is zoning in on core soul issues and themes you are here to master, while connecting with your spiritual team and their messages for you. I’m an intuitive astrologer who has a rather unique style of looking at a natal chart that is multi-sensory. I’ve worked with clients in over 20 countries and have been amazed at all the light there truly is on the planet at this time.



Reading has always been a passion of mine, and when I find an awesome spiritual book I want to share, yell, and introduce it. So I do! You’ll find a variety of reviews of spiritual books by all kinds of experts and authors - and some of them stop by the radio show to talk about their work, too!

And on the topic of reading… this is the easiest segue to mention that I’m also a bestselling author. My debut book, a memoir called The Art of Trapeze: One Woman’s Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening, hit#1 in Spiritual Self-Help and Memoirs: Adventurers on Kindle in under 3 days which I attribute to how I released (in all ways) the Official Way to Do A Book Launch. Spirit guided me to the day and way that the book would be given to the world, and that is what being an author is about for me ~ sharing, connecting, being in the present, and then releasing it all. And numerous more books (and opportunities to trust) are in the works, my friend! 



And I’m sure you are super busy these days, so I want to make things easy for you!

Sign-up on the email list here and I’ll check in with you about once a week (ish) with the latest astrology, energy, offers, and all kinds of good stuff. The best thing about being on the email list is that you will have access to special Pre-Sale offers for my books, astrology sessions… and whatever else I have up my sleeve next (*mischievous smile*). Some big things are in the works for you, my friend, and I will share, yell, introduce it to everyone on the email list in advance.

So that’s the quick round-up! Please enjoy all that you find here and feel free to connect with me on social media, too. 


Who does Conscious Cool Chic connect with?

Many people are awakening every day to their spiritual path and talents. Conscious Cool Chic greets them here and supports their exploration, transformation, and individual awakening path as they curiously discover the full beauty of their Divine fingerprint.

This website, the weekly radio show, and the Conscious Wisdom Festival makes me a Conscious Activist (that tiny sliver of 1%) that collaborates with other Awake individuals (28%) to awaken the sleeping 70%.

 The best part? I love it 100%.


Tenets of Consciousness Awesomeness includes:

- The journey of self-mastery is a worthwhile path to living the most joyful and successful life.  

- You are a spiritual being in physical form... and one is bigger than the other.

- You are powerful beyond what you remember. And this power is not "over" anyone else.

- You have a voice that speaks in words, movements, spirit, and song. Use it.

- You are Divinely loved and blessed for your spirit, courage and light. Embrace it.

- You are gifted with authenticity. Use it. 

- Your beliefs will guide your life either consciously or unconsciously. Choose wisely.

- Creativity and self-expression is vital to a life well-lived and well-loved. Use it. 

- You are here to love and rise above any perceived limitations of Self.

- Our connection to each other is stronger than we have truly experienced.

- You know more than you know you know... ya know?

- You may forget all of these things daily... but they will never forget you. And your reunion with them will be joyous each time.

Conscious Designs

The I AM Love Mandala was created by artist Diane Garber. 

The header of the blog (right up there at the top of the page!) is a close-up of a magenta pink flower blossoming, opening up to greater light and growth, conceived by the design talents of Pam Younghans. The color is linked to the heart chakra as the source of energetic inspiration, connection and Love.  

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