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The Thought That Changed My Life will be released in early 2013! Proud to be selected as a contributing author to this inspiring project.

"Important emphasis is given to the essentialness of making a commitment to our evolution of consciousness so we avoid using the laws governing the Universe simply for superficial gain, and instead, direct our thought-energy towards becoming a beneficial presence on the planet. I highly recommend this intelligent and compassionate book.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith

Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center (Los Angeles, CA); Author of Life Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential —


My Life As A Trapeze Artist is a modern woman's journey of personal consciousness told with wisdom, humor, truth, and adventure.

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Creative Types: How To Stop Comparing Yourselves To Others

An inspiring perspective if you are ever stuck in creative comparison. This article was shared over 5,000 times in one week on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and through email.

How to Accomplish Anything Leveraging Collective Energy

Anything we want to accomplish is being successfully done right now somewhere in the world. Here's how you can connect to success more fully - it's waiting for you!







Om on the Go: Five Meditation Places For Your Real Life

New ways to consciously find moments of zen. Prepare to start your oooomm...

When Spiritual Teachers Are Snobby

Teachers are never immune from learning interactions, no matter how many autographs they've handed out.


The Energy Ride: Human Detachment, Spiritual Love

An essay on relationships ending and friend divorces. There is a simple reason we go through these experiences: "At their core, relationship changes are about energy changes."


Five Rules For Life

A fun way to list the priorities of life. 


Trending Topics and Articles

Articles that cover a range of thought-provoking matters, such as news, trends, books, travel. Popular published articles include:

Cancer Never Has The Final Say

Raising awareness about neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, after a devastating loss.

What Happens To The Industries Oprah Infused With Millions?

The Oprah Show has created millionaires on Main Street. What happens after the studio lights are turned off?

The Popular New Way to Say Hello Kitty: Japan's Cat Cafes

A Purr-fectly Delightful Way to Find Peace and Companionship Featured My Review of "Once Upon A Time" in A National Campaign


"Once Upon A Time" is a new television show debuting in Fall 2011. selected some "top bloggers" to help promote its release. This national campaign is projected to reach up to 11 million people during Spring & Summer 2011

The full review can be read here:

Exclusive Peek: Fairy Tale For The Modern Woman

(Ugh, the typo of "peak" instead of "Peek" in the advertisement kills me!)

Or even better, check out the two minute trailer.





52 New Thought Leaders offer you one thought a week to raise your energy, lift your perspective, empower your Heart, and more.

I'm a featured contributor (chapter 3!) and feel there is much wisdom in this single book.

"I highly recommend this intelligent and compassionate book."

~ Michael B. Beckwith

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