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Ready? Go Steady

Posted April 28, 2012

Ready to expand more fully with your dreams? Now is the time to be steady like your wise heart.

The first four months of this year have held a special purpose in showing you what you need, want and enjoy in your life. Internally check-in with yourself about every area of life: Does this make me feel empowered? Am I excited about developments here? Am I ready to step confidently in this direction? Am I staying focused on my highest purpose with Love?

Listen to your gut reactions. Is there an energetic theme going on?

March and April: Clearing out the old

March and April were energetic journeys through changes, chaos, questions, and clearings. Illness, sickness, and fatigue of any kind, from the minor cold to bed-ridden situations, are all meant to force you to STOP in some manner, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically. The intention was to pause your life so you could take full inventory of what you truly ARE. Not what you have; not what you do; not what you want. What you ARE. Many are still experiencing these clearings throughout April and into May based on their willingness to trust, surrender and let go.  

When we are clearing out the old in our lives, deep core fears come up to the light: “Am I going to be okay? Will my pays get paid? Will I be alone forever? What if X happens, then Y will surely come about…” There is Divine purpose with these fears emerging and the solution – if you are interested in calling it that – is to go through the fears by acknowledging them.

Sit down and have an actual conversation with your fears. Create a person, animal or entity that resembles your fear and sit with it on the couch. Ask your fear to be quiet and to listen to you respectfully. (Fears can be two-year-olds at times, so be very clear!) Then honestly state all of your worries, emotions, and thoughts that are coming up. Spill it. Allow yourself to cry, yell, and share passionately; release it all.

Then stop and take three deep breathes. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Now close your eyes and allow your fear to speak to you. Hear it share its intention in protecting you, in trying to keep you safe, and attempting to help you move through a situation. Hear it express why it’s trying to get your attention. Listen fully and completely to what comes up in its messages. Respect what the fear is sharing.

Then take another three deep breathes. Now tell your fear that you are safe and you do not require its on-going energy. Speak these words out loud:

“I AM safe. I AM loved. I appreciate all that you have shared with me, but it is no longer true for me. It is no longer what I wish to carry. Thank you for loving me so much that you are trying to protect me. Now I choose the highest expression of this energy and it is love, Trust and Faith. I honor you for your purpose and I honor myself as a Divine source of Love.”

Allow yourself to sit in the energy of this power. Breathe deeply to inhale and exhale the full capacity of your nose, mouth and lungs. Be calm in your body.

Use this approach to converse with your fears as they arise. It is essential to know that you are always in full control of fear programming - enough though it feels exactly the opposite at the times! You are in absolute control in directing the energy in a new way. It always starts with you. No one else can – or will – do it, so own this ability in a powerful way.

Fears will continue to arise in the forms of our own inner critics, unbalanced emotional reactions, as experiences through other people, and in the world at large. Fear is not going away because it serves a Divine purpose. However, your ability to deal with fear, in all its forms, is what will set you free. It’s crucial to remember you are the one with the ability to walk through your fears powerfully and truthfully.  You are the solution you seek.

As energy is cleared out, it is crucial to intentionally call in new energy or else the old ones will creep back in (ooooh, yes they will). Call in trust. Call in faith. Call in more of your Divine Self that knows all is in Divine order. Even if you don’t feel entirely enthusiastic at times, simply state: “I am open and willing to embody fuller levels of Trust. I am open and willing to be more Trusting right now. I am open and willing to grow in the best possible ways.”

Saying these phrases out loud, as many times as needed, does wonders for the body, mind and spirit. 

March and April were about setting us up for opportunities to release, release, release all that we can from our inner and outer worlds. There are many blessings in these experiences. Continue to let go, let go, let go.

Because now we also go forward.


May: Ready? Be Steady

May brings us to the next phase of our journey which is about further implementing our dreams. For some, this may sound like a big undertaking with a long to-do checklist, but the point of a dream is to feel joyful around it and not burdened. So break the steps down into manageable steps on a realistic timeline. Completing one task in one week is progress. Completing two tasks in one month is progress. Let the dream show you the way. Let your inspiration guide the process. Our minds are excellent taskmasters around numbers, time and data, but we are beyond the mind as our guiding force right now. Give your mind other duties right now by speaking its language:

  • I will check back with you at (time) to see where things stand.
  • Please come back this evening at 6 p.m. to help pay the monthly bills.
  • Please remember that every number holds energy that we can’t mentally evaluate. For today, please release judgment around all the numbers in my life. (Repeat tomorrow.)

The idea is to honor your mind, but also give it a break. We’ve relied on it for decades (centuries) to determine our daily pursuits, so a little vacation is certainly warranted. Now let’s allow our hearts to step forward and encourage it to show us how to make our dreams come true:

  • What feels inspiring today? A long walk, a cup of new tea, playing with colors, opening a blank document and seeing what comes forward?
  • What would be awesome to focus on right now, if only for half an hour?
  • What would feel easy, breezy and a light way to express myself?
  • What can I lose myself in doing right now?

We are training ourselves to live from our heart spaces in new ways. This requires practice in order to undo our innate needs to control and “know.” The needs to control and “know” will not completely go away, so let’s not set ourselves up for unrealistic expectations. Instead, notice when you are feeling “I want to know what’s happening next!” or “If I don’t step in to take control of this, then… (insert fear)”. We are humans and we have trained ourselves to need these ways of being in the world.

Yet part of the grand shift that is occurring in the world is moving away from the limitations of our Ego-Mind and into the joy, clarity and peace of our Heart-Consciousness. When the Ego-Mind is urged to settle down, it relaxes with Trust. So have the intention to settle down the Ego-Mind by allowing your heart energy to step into the spotlight more fully.

Heart-Consciousness is the highest way forward for the rest of this year, and anything not in vibration will continue to dismantle. Look at the global structures that can’t be sustained because they don’t have any heart energy supporting them. Look at the companies who are struggling to find a true course because the employees aren’t allowed to express their full potential. Look at collective groups where heart energy is suppressed, undervalued and limited. Look at relationships that have been built on power, ego, possessions, and status. Look at your inner world and the fears that are coming up to be released because they do not have love in them.

Now look at your heart. It beats regularly for you all day and all night, sustaining you with every breath you take and giving you all you need to move forward to the next moment. It is your heart that will be there for you, regardless of what is occurring outside of you. Nourish this part of your being by feeding it, acknowledging it and allowing it to have a say in your life. Your heart is your energy source and it can’t wait to shine more fully.

For May, open to the potentials of your heart and take forward motion towards your dreams. Don’t judge the step (“make it big!”; “it might be too little”; “here’s the best step ever!”); simply do it. Simply walk. Simply breathe. Simply follow the rhythm of your heart: relentless beating regardless of external circumstances. Keep it simple and steady.

Employ your mind to be an ally with this process. It’s not about ignoring the mind completely or downplaying intelligence; rather, it’s about handing the microphone over to your heart and taking it off mute. Calm the inner chatter. Soothe the mind’s vocal chords.

When we step into our heart energy with new purpose, other people notice. Their reaction to you will be about whether they can do the same. Some will not be able to. Some will be curious. Some will be excited. Some will not care. When we change ourselves, we change our relationships with others in a way that opens them up to who they are more fully and this is not a mirror we are always ready to look into. Have compassion and love for all and where they are right now. We are not all meant to do these big life changes simultaneously because an energetic balance needs to be maintained on Earth. We are each doing our work in Divine timing and there is no judgment around who is first, second, last, or the fastest. You are doing this work because you are ready and are being called forward at this time. Many will not be called forward for years and this is also Divine.

All is Well.

And what does your heart do? It keeps steadily beating. You are asked to do the same for May. Openly bring in the new energy that supports your dream. Take action in small and big ways as you feel inspired. Continually release fears as they come up. Continually call in Trust as you need it. Allow All to be where they are.  

All is Well.


And on a personal note…

I am delighted to share with you that I am “walking the talk” of this message as well. For 20 years I have studied and practiced astrology, and provided consultations to friends, family, groups, and local connections. Now I am ready to share my astrology practice more publicly. More information is here if you want to check it out.  Additional astrological insights will be added throughout the month ahead (because my heart says so!) :)


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