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Welcome! And thank you for reading The Art of Trapeze

I appreciate your interest in the book and hope you enjoyed the story. The response has been incredible - and quite an unpredictable ride!

The Art of Trapeze hit #1 in two Amazon categories within three days of its initial release in June 2013. In December 2013, it was back on the charts next to publishing powerhouse 12 Years A Slave. Then months later, the book soared onto the Kindle Top 100 with 22,000+ downloads in two days.

And the kicker? I'm an indie author, friend. It's only me working away in my home office - and somehow magic is happening!

Which is where it comes back to you and feeling grateful you were curious enough to come over here and check things out. A lot is going on these days (more updates below) and ultimately, I hope these messages assist you in some way on your spiritual growth journey.

The Series Is A Soul Adventure! 


The Art of Trapeze is Book One in The Awakening Consciousness Series and tells "the story." But wait - there's more to it than what you read on those pages! If you enjoy the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, you'll like where this is going.

Book Two in the series is The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness which references how spiritual growth is in alignment with Joseph Campbell's archetypal hero's journey. I believe there are three stages we experience in the consciousness quest (Opening, Deepening, and Renewal) and Modern Heroine dives into deeper explanations. If you had questions about some of the terms and language I used in the last few chapters of Trapeze, this book will probably answer them.

The Unlimited Sparks of A Bonfire, Book Three in the series, will be released in Fall 2014. It is a travel adventure that combines stories and spiritual information from the previous two books, and culminates with a bigger consciousness message. Will the final message blow your mind? Maybe! Stay tuned!

If you're interested in proceeding on this grand Soul adventure, please stay connected with me on social media and through my email list! (Confession: I tend to spoil my email list peeps with freebies and gifts.)


I also offer a free podcast right here that explains more of the spiritual concepts referenced in the book. For example, you may have wondered, What is awakening? Or, can you explain energy more? I talk about those definitions, plus explain consciousness, soul contracts, karma, authenticity, and more. Download the episode on iTunes or listen online.

Care for a few updates and behind-the-scene things?

  • To give you an idea of the timeline, I returned from Paris in the summer of 2007 and Trisha's wedding was in late 2012. In some respects, the story literally feels like another lifetime and another version of me. Which is probably why it's been easier to release it out into the world and let it go, trusting that it will connect with the right readers at the right time.
  • One of the biggest surprises about the book? Numerous women have reached out to me privately to say they went through a similar depression phase. Out of all the things I share in the story, this is one of the most popular themes! Fascinating, especially since a part of me wanted to leave that whole experience out of the book. Thank you sharing your experiences, too - we have more in common than we initially realize. 
  • Men have also reached out after finishing the book, and shared that they went through a very similar emotional purging experience in their life - but felt it was not acceptable to share their experiences because it made them too vulnerable. 
  • Trisha and I are still in touch – oh yes, you better believe it! She is in Europe with her young family, and we email and SKYPE whenever our busy lives allow it. Friends for life, baby.
  • This is not included in the story for a few editing reasons, but I did try to move back to Europe in 2009. I became ESL-certified so I could live abroad again and give it a second chance. As I was finishing up my teacher training program, and started to prepare to move... I met my future husband! You know what they say: We make plans and God laughs. :)
  • I started writing The Art of Trapeze in 2008 and finished 80% of it by 2010. Then it sat on my computer for a few years. I looked at it again in late 2012, completely re-wrote it, and released it in 2013. Ahhh, the creative process!

From my personal Paris photo album...

 First Apartment In Paris

 Parisian Street Life

After The Renovation, This Apartment Was A Dream!


The Book Review Request

If you care to leave a book review on Amazon or GoodReads, it would be much appreciated! It's awkward for most authors, such as myself, to request this of readers, but reviews have become more important over the years so I just have to get over the discomfort of asking!

Online reviews are interesting these days. You can pay for them via dodgy people and cheap websites. Authors will write anonymous negative reviews of “competing” authors' books. I've even observed that, for many female memoirs, online reviews are a fun outlet for gangs of mean girls to be cruel and hide behind a fake moniker. (Turns out, internet companies give access to mean people, too.

It's completely acceptable for people to have different opinions, or not connect with a book, or not like it all – that is to be expected, in fact. As an openhearted author/artist/creator, it's essential to be mentally strong and know that the right people will connect with your book in the right way, and they will get your messages. All the other stuff will slide off your back. And you'll feel even stronger in yourself and discover more love and peace in your heart because it doesn't effect you. Plus, the absurd remarks are always entertaining and good for some laughs! :)

Most importantly, a very heartfelt thank you to each person who shares their sincere opinion and finds inspiration, encouragement, and connection in The Art of Trapeze. And thank you for sharing with your friends, soul sisters, book clubs, online groups, and anyone close to your heart. 

The latest and greatest happenings!

In addition to writing new books, there's a ton of stuff I offer now with the intention of inspiring you! Here's a quick run-down of what's going on:


~ If you're looking for ongoing spiritual guidance, I host a weekly radio show that covers a huge variety of spiritual topics and awesome guests. Listen online or download via iTunes.


~ Spirituality has launched! Come on over and discover how to accelerate your journey to self-mastery with online courses, featured teachers, books, free mastery tools and more!



~ I'm collaborating with Sass Jordan (Juno Award-winning Artist, Canadian Idol judge, Broadway actress) and we are offering you Mastery cCourses in 2014! Check out Rockin' the New World with Sass and Molly right here. We were even on the cover of a magazine together, crazy-cool!


~ Join me for free marketing courses designed to support indie authors, artists, healers, and messengers! Details about Author Awesomeness here.


And of course, I'm all over social media if you want to connect regularly there. Just click on those links at the very top right corner of this page and I'll see you on the News feeds!


I can also be reached via email here.

Onwards and upwards!


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