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What the Law of Cause and Effect Means

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The Law of Cause and Effect states that every action you initiate and put forth creates an equal energetic effect in the world. Every Universal Spiritual Law involves the use of energy, and this Law revolves around the premise that all energy creates another energetic effect in some form. The effect can multiply and be greater than the initial cause because energy is continually in motion and does not stop, evaluate, measure or judge. It flows. When you create, give, and share with high intentions, you will notice that energy returns to you as an effect that has multiplied. The same is true if you put forth lesser forms of energy. The Universe simply returns what you have initiated.

The energy you share, whether consciously or unconsciously, has effects that go beyond obvious connections. For example, if you believe it is important to donate to charity and “pay it forward” yet never write a donation check or put money in a jar, the effect could come back to you as a limit of receiving financial flow. On the other hand, if you do write donation checks and contribute to collection jars, you will receive the effect of greater prosperity come back to you in numerous and unexpected ways such as increases in cash flow, tax write-offs, unexpected gifts, rewards and blessings.

What the Law of Cause and Effect Looks Like in the Real World

Look around and you’ll see the Law of Cause and Effect in any situation since we are constantly exerting energy in some manner. Here are two actions to consider with this Universal Spiritual Law: sending emails and personal discipline.

Sending Emails

Writing emails has become a standard form of communication in our technological age. Email is an excellent example of this Universal Spiritual Law because an email does not have an “end” point. It can be forwarded, replied to, and deleted, yet it never truly disappears even after it’s been sent to the trash folder. Emails have the capacity to create ongoing effects quite easily. Consider when you write an uplifting email to someone that really strikes a chord with them and they feel inspired to pass it on to their friends. Then those people pass it on to their friends, and before long, a simple email can be circling the globe with positive, glowing energy. The effect of your words has multiplied and created something grander than a simple email can contain. Now look at the effect of writing an insulting or mean-spirited email, and how the exact same thing can happen but with completely opposite energetic effects.

Personal Discipline and Habits

The Law of Cause and Effect shines in our lives as personal discipline and the habits we regularly implement to accomplish goals. A dancer must practice regularly in order for their body to have the ability to perform and improve gradually. An office manager must keep tabs on all activities within the professional environment to maintain budgets, hours, employee responsibilities and regulations that keep an office running smoothly. A trash collector must come around regularly to stay on top of the debris and not allow an overwhelming amount of bags to stack up on the curb. All of these regulated activities create an intended effect, and the effect is accomplished through regular discipline. Consider what regular habits you use and implement in your own life and what their effects are, whether conscious or not. Also notice where greater discipline may bring you different effects that you’d like to experience.

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