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What the Law of Detachment Means

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The Law of Detachment states that each person is a sovereign individual on a singular journey designed by their Soul to fulfill certain life goals, complete karma, heal fear-based patterns, and grow into their mastery to their fullest ability. This Universal Spiritual Law reminds us that we are all powerful in our Divine way and have a unique path to follow that no one else can or will duplicate. The key to the Law of Detachment is releasing expectations, attachments, resentment and emotional connections to others with the intention of allowing everyone to grow, heal and learn as they need to, in their own way, and on their own timeline.

Intuitive Message About the Law of Detachment

“At the beginning of the human journey, separation had to occur so you could experience the limitations and boundaries of life in a world of free will. The need to be separate from Source, from Home, was a heavy burden to carry as you experienced more density than you ever could know as a Soul. This was part of the design and intention of being a human; simply having a body is an example of separation from all that you had known before.

As you grow in consciousness, you see this game from a fuller perspective with a knowingness that the grandest illusion is separation. There is truly no separation at all because you are Divine beings energetically connected at all times. Yet separation is a vital component to understanding yourself in human form. The Soul is boundless, eternal and encompasses everything; your human-ness has a Divine purpose to grow back to that place of higher consciousness in physical form.

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