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What the Law of Polarity Means

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The Law of Polarity states that energy exists on a continuum between fear and Love. Earth is composed of all energies because this is a place of free will where everything is possible. As a result, you see energy expressed in all forms as each Soul chooses to learn lessons, grow, heal and become fuller expressions of themselves. The Law of Polarity provides an understanding that you are free to choose fear or Love in any situation, at any time.  As you choose Love more often and regularly, your vibration will grow to a higher expression.

Everything around us has an opposite reaction and expression. If you were to have a conversation with a complete stranger, they could have very different opinions than you on every possible topic. The Law of Polarity provides perspective, balance and opposition in all things with no judgment.

Astrological Connection

The Law of Polarity is associated with the balance of Libra and its ruling planet, Venus.

Libra is commonly known as the astrological sign of relationships, partnerships, justice and equilibrium because its natural tendency is to be fair, loving and peace-seeking. At its highest expression, Libra will strive to find common goals and objectives that deliver mutually advantageous results. It is an energy that wants everyone to be content and acknowledged. Yet the lesser expressions of Libra involves going to extremes before finding the balance point and giving too much of one’s self in order to keep the peace. Libran energy can also be very indecisive and will “tune out” if feeling overwhelmed.

This astrological sign connects to the Law of Polarity based on its ability to seek Love, but will often experience the extremes of fear before arriving there. The goal is to find a safe place in the middle where peace can be maintained and joy can be effortlessly created. The ability to mentally cope with anything is a strong Libran trait that contributes to understanding how everything is a lesson for growth and healing. With the Law of Polarity, Libra nestles into its favorite domain: seeking Love that benefits as many as possible.  


{Although your astrological sun sign may not be Libra, every person carries the energy of every sign within themselves. Look to your birth chart to discover where Libran energy is centrally located in your life. Free birth charts are available at}


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