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What the Law of Vibration Means

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The Law of Vibration means that everything in the Universe has an energetic vibration. Every item you own, every job you accept, every relationship you enter and every feeling you express contains a vibrating energy that defines its quality and characteristics.

Look around your house and notice that everything you own has a vibration that appeals to you. (Or else it’s probably on its way to the dumpster right now…) Look around your life and notice that every decision, person and event has an energetic vibration that connects to you. Look around your internal world and notice that everything you think, feel and believe has an energetic vibration that exists somewhere on the continuum between fear and love. The sum of these parts is where you are vibrating with energy.

Don’t like your job? Want a new couch? Ready to release your fear of commitment? All of these decisions and changes signify that you are changing your energetic vibration. The choices you made previously in your life represent a version of yourself that vibrated at one level, and as you grow, heal, and evolve on your spiritual journey, you advance to a higher level of vibration where more love exists.

What the Law of Vibration Looks Like in the Real World


In the previous description, we noted that the Law of Vibration is most evident during the process of change. Look for where you want change and newness in your life as this is where you are open to experiencing new energetic vibrations. The possessions we own and sell are the most obvious examples of these changes. Below are more ways to spot the Law of Vibration in the Real World.

Career Advancements and/or Dissatisfaction

Desiring a career change, whether through a promotion, switching companies, or moving into a new industry, is an excellent example of the Law of Vibration in the real world. Assumingly, it signifies that a completion of energy has occurred and one is ready to move forward into a higher level of learning. To receive the desired outcome, one must then be vibrating at that next level of energy; hence the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” The Law of Vibration can also be seen in a company when new leaders, management and personnel are hired and lay-offs occur. Changes in people create a change in vibration where the energy is no longer a match.

Changing Relationships

At their core, changes in relationships represent changes in energy. We experience a change in relationship when a lesson is learned, healing has occurred, growth has happened, or sometimes more noticeably, none of these factors have taken place in one person and yet they have occurred for another person. Friendships, partnerships, colleagues and perceived “enemies” all come into our world because we are vibrating at the same energy (that voice you may be hearing is the Ego-Mind disagreeing about being at the same energetic level as an “enemy.”J)

As you grow, heal and change the way you experience and engage in relationships, you will notice a shift in the people you draw into your life. Ideally, you will form greater love-based relationships after mastering fear-based feelings, thoughts and patterns. All of these changes are about differences in vibration. You will also repel certain people who find it very difficult to relate to your energetic frequency. And, you’ll feel repelled by other people at different energetic vibrations, which could come across as severe dislike, discomfort, anxiety, annoyance, and other negative impressions.

It’s worth also noting the significance of family relationships because family members are part of our soul group lessons. When one has grown in their vibration and other family members have not, there can be more discomfort since loyalty, responsibility and compassion are typically found within family relationships. The differences offer an opportunity to practice the Law of Detachment, which will be covered in an upcoming week, as well as an honoring of one another’s Soul purpose.

Geographical Locations

Every location on the planet has an energetic vibration. On a macro-level, a country’s history, people, culture, language, events and industries all contribute to its vibration. On a smaller scale, a simple park also has an energetic vibration composed of its surroundings, soil, flowers, and the neighborhood it resides in.  Where you live holds an energy that is supporting you. Conversely, your energy is contributing to the collective vibration of a place and when your energy changes, you may feel the need to move. We are always exactly where we need to be at each point in our life, and when significant inner work has occurred, we then feel compelled to find a new vibrational match with a new home, city, state or country.


And here's a little story about how powerful your energetic vibration can be.

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