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August 21st Total Solar Eclipse

30 minute session for only $44  
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Intense energies are sweeping the planet as a way to push us forward individually and collectively into truer, fuller versions of Self. Blasts of spectacular infusions are coming in regularly, as well as transformative experiences of release, letting go, and transmutation.

All of this means cosmic changes are happening in careers, relationships, friendships, life path, spiritual awakenings, money, and unconscious patterns because it's time to be who you are and do what you love with people who support you.

Can you relate to this theme?

If you are ready for shifts, new levels of empowerment, and insights it's because those shifts, levels of empowerment and insights are ready for YOU. And I would love to play a role in that process!

My style is quite unique. Astrology charts are a portal for me, and as I tap into your energy, I open up to more than the planets, the signs, and the archetypes. Depending on what Spirit wants you to know, I connect with past lives, chakras, visions, music, colors, messages from guidance, and who knows what else?! (Ah, the joys of being an Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Intuitive!) Every session is uniquely different and I never know what to expect until you and I connect.

What is being activated in your astrology chart?

How can you make the most of these highly rare energies?

What areas of life are you experiencing the greatest energetic impact?

To support your empowerment, I'm offering an awesome deal of $44 for a 30 minute session that is Divinely tailored to you. Each session is different, but typically touches on:

~ Themes, lessons, and opportunities to know about right now

~ Areas of your life opening up with fresh energies

~ Where new sources of flow are entering - get ready!

~ Tips on Receiving, Trusting, Acting, Stabilizing, Communicating from your Heart

~ Messages from Spirit about healing, evolving, growing, “blind spots” to be aware of

~ And anything else that comes through because each personal session is always different, special, unexpected!

Would these insights help you right now? 

If YES, I can't wait to assist you! 

 If there is something specific you want me to address, please mention it in your request.  The session will be recorded and you will receive your natal astrology chart, too.

Incredible feedback that has come in so far about these special sessions...

"Thank you so much for this reading Molly.  I AM in tears of Gratitude.  I have had many, many readings in my life and this one COMPLETELY RESONATES WITH ME ON A WHOLE NEW LEVEL." ~N.H.

"Holy shit and Right On!! You are so right on with what is going on with me!" ~A.P.

"Thank you SO MUCH.  Your reading was exquisite, timely and I feel RIGHT ON.  I gratefully appreciate your encouragement and support." ~ K. J.

"WOW... is all I can say. Everything you said was right on." ~ L. W.

"Molly, thank you so much for this reading! I was pretty much blown away! Thanks again for your awesomeness!" ~  K.J.

"It's amazing you could see all that you saw in my chart.  And you saw so much!  I resonated with all of it!  and I'm going to have to listen a few more times!!" ~ A.J. 

3 Steps For Scheduling:

A few business-y things to know:
  • Payment is only accepted through PayPal.
  • All astrology sessions are confidential.
  • All astrology sessions are digitally recorded on an MP3 file.
  • Rates are listed in USD. For other currencies, PayPal should populate the correct amount based on your location.
  • Sorry, no refunds. But I hope you wouldn't have to ask.
  • It's an honor to serve and support you!! I never take it for granted.