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The Law of Oneness

What the Law of Divine Oneness Means


The Law of Divine Oneness provides the fundamental understanding that we are all connected to each other, and that we are all connected to the same Divine Higher Entity (God, the Universe, Source, etc.). We co-exist equally and collectively in the spiritual world as we are all composed of the same energetic foundation. In physical form, we also co-exist with the earth as a reflection of our collective Oneness. The earth then reflects back to us our human and biological evolution.

This Universal Spiritual Law is conscious awareness that although we have found many ways to separate ourselves as individuals with defining labels, we are all energetically One. We each possess sovereign individual power from the same Source and we choose to use it in different ways and at different times in our Soul’s growth. Collectively, we are a group of spiritual beings who are having a human experience with the intention of developing more fully in whatever ways our Soul needs to grow.  This is where physical individuation takes form - yet the Source energy is the same.  

It can be hard to look at someone whom we appear to have nothing in common with and do not like (at all!) and believe that we could possibly be connected to them. Yet the only way someone can be in your life is if there is an energetic connection, and this connection serves the purpose of healing, awareness, reflection, and personal growth.

External realities can certainly reinforce the belief that we are separate. Yet the Law of Divine Oneness is the conscious remembrance that we are a collective family of humanity, united and spiritually supported equally. Notably, the word humanity is composed of the word unity.

The purpose of this Universal Spiritual Law is to connect our conscious minds and open hearts to compassion, joy, support, gratitude and appreciation of one another as we walk our separate Soul-ful paths. The Law of Divine Oneness serves to return us to a place of loving, accepting and enjoying each other as family from the same Source.

What Divine Oneness Looks Like in the Real World


The World Wide Web: The internet has been a central vehicle in uniting and connecting individuals across countries, languages, cultures, ages, and all other separating labels. The highest use of the internet is in reminding us that we can be connected to anyone, at any time, and in any place. We know this connection innately in our spiritual Self because we are naturally linked to Source and each other energetically in the spirit word. The World Wide Web is a representation of the interconnected communication tools we naturally use in our Soul state. We have a Cosmic Wide Web that is how we normally communicate between our spiritual selves, and the internet is playing this role in physical form.


War: War in any part of the world affects every part of the world because the distance between people and geographical locations has diminished as we have expanded in connection. Resources, lives and intelligence are gathered from both allies and foes. When a country decides to engage in war of any kind, it reminds us that we all occupy the earth together. As humans grow in consciousness, the use of war will be challenged more and more as awareness about Divine Oneness exponentially grows. The decline in war is the decline in our Mind-Egos seeking to control, dominate and “know” everything. The highest outcome of any version of violence is that it returns us to the realization of Divine Oneness.


Peace: Peace in any part of the world can be contagious when there is intent behind it. The meaning of peace is to return us to our Soul’s natural state of love, joy, support and calm. There is no competition, disagreement, violence or fear-based thoughts in the spiritual world because they are not needed. All people are honored for where they are on their path. All individuals are understood to be learning and doing the best they can. When we actively apply these peaceful thoughts to our lives, we experience greater internal peace because we are actively creating the peace that is our natural state.  Notice that peace exists in geographical places where love, compassion and forgiveness reign.


Natural disasters:  We are energetically connected to the earth and the earth is connected to us; it is a symbiotic and complementary relationship. The highest purpose of a natural disaster is to remind us that we are all sharing and living on the same planet together. When an earthquake happens in Haiti, we hear about it on the internet in minutes. When a tsunami occurs in Japan, it takes over Facebook. We have access to each other as never before and natural disaster events are meant to serve us in developing compassion, gratitude, support and heart-connections to one another as reminders of Divine Oneness.


The oceans: The Divine Oneness of oceans is that we are all surrounded by water, composed of water and rely on water for basic survival. The oceans are a symbol of all that we value and cherish on the planet, a precious resource for every physical being. The 2010 BP oil spill is an excellent example of how something happening in one part of the ocean can travel to multiple other destinations and affect millions of people around the world. Treating our oceans and all water resources with respect is a reflection of the Law of Divine Oneness as the earth continues to shift on its axis and redistribute this vital commodity.


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