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The Law of Rhythm

What the Law of Rhythm Means

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The Law of Rhythm states that everything in the Universe moves continually in patterns and cycles. These rhythms match energetic vibrations and show us where healing, growth and expansion are possible. The Law of Rhythm reminds us that all energy is continually in motion and we are always given an opportunity to start fresh with a new cycle.

The most obvious way to witness the Law of Rhythm is through the four seasons. Each season builds on and supports the season before it, and the season after it. The rhythm of all four seasons creates a complete cycle of growth, expansion, release and re-birth annually. On a daily basis, the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west just as the moon appears over the horizon to welcome each evening. This occurs regularly all over the world and is the promise of a new beginning with every cycle. The Law of Rhythm is a reliable circulation of energy to guide our lives because there is no absolute completion of anything. Energy is always moving into higher forms and cycles.

What the Law of Rhythm Looks Like in the Real World


The rhythm of your body is ongoing and natural. It may change as you move through different time zones and locations, but your personal rhythm will be evident through daily habits. For example, many people are consistent in their sleep patterns because it works in rhythm with their energy needs, such as being a night owl who is awake until 1 a.m., or an early bird who rises daily at 4 a.m. Needing four hours of sleep may be normal for one person’s life rhythm while another requires eight to nine hours every night. Sleep habits are typically consistent for most people during their whole lives unless they consciously change how they use their energy. New sleep rhythms are being established for some as napping during the day is accepted as a new norm. Some spiritual leaders have described how human beings are moving to a new sleep cycle where they rest three times a day, around every seven to eight hours, as a way to adapt to the changing biology of human energy.



The Law of Rhythm is an excellent eye-opener for relationship patterns you are unconsciously creating. These patterns will show you where you are repeating lessons and where you can consciously choose to make new choices for growth. Fears typically show up along the same timeline, such as commitment issues after one year, unless the underlying belief system is examined and elevated to a higher level. Unconscious patterns reveal fears and areas of Soul growth. Examining relationships with other people highlights your relationship with Self since this is always the starting point for personal change and expansion. As you accept yourself more, you accept others more. As you validate your own feelings, you can validate others’ feelings. With this Universal Spiritual Law there is always an opportunity to start fresh and look at a situation with new eyes. Consciously changing your relationship habits to a new rhythm will move you to a new personal energetic vibration to experience a new level of relationships.


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