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Welcome To A Buffet of Consciousness

Conscious | Cool | Chic began because we needed a place to be inspired, feel the light, feed our desire for increased consciousness, and be connected to all the amaaaazing enlightening work that is going on in the world.

 Does this sound like you, too? 

Then it's no coincidence you're here!

We consider this a buffet because we know and respect that everyone has different tastes, styles and preferences that speak to them. Our guiding philosophy shares a bit more about our  principles and the general gist of what you will find on these pages. Everything we share meets our (expanding) Conscious | Cool | Chic criteria:

Conscious: A connection to a higher awareness about our purpose, growth and opportunities as human beings. Consciousness is an energy, and we seek to expand it through the use of...

Cool: Relevant, inspiring, and informational content that adds an extra bit of joy to daily life...

Chic: And why shouldn't there be style and beauty as well?! A great way to stay "on trend" with taste, lifestyles, culture, organizations, and pretty things that are adding to this voyage of consciousness so affectionately called LIFE.

We post at least once a day and hope you find something interesting with each visit! Come over often and check out some of the beautiful things that are happening in the world.

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