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Be The Light You Carry In Your Heart

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

The brightest light we carry is the one that resides eternally in our hearts. It cannot be extinguished, lessened or dimmed by anything other than our own intentions. It is always aglow and ready to burst forth with a beauty that creates an energy beyond measurement. This is the light you are here to share.

Your light is composed of everything that has happened to you in your life and  it is what you offer to the world.  Each soul has a light that is unique, like DNA and fingerprints, and it can never be duplicated. Your light is created by everything that makes up you: the history, family, talents, challenges, perspectives and relationships you have experienced all contribute to your light essence beyond what the mind can decipher. Even your culture, appearance and physical abilities have been selectively chosen as a part of your light. You are here to share your light in an effortless and glorious way.

As you allow your natural essence to shine forth, you will be your natural self in easier ways. You will feel smoother transitions as your light glides and guides you through different relationships, places, and phases of life that you have outgrown. You will see the beauty of each of these parts of you as they end, and your spirit goes on to the next level of development. The light of your heart will effortlessly guide the way. There is no darkness when you carry this lantern. There is no fear.

Allow your ancient heart light to consciously guide you. As your light connects to the heart light in others, it will be your greatest ally in determining what levels of relationship can exist for you now and what work you are expertly able to perform. This heart light is a resource greater than any world wide web in existence because it carries your precise gifts and ability in the most loving and proud manner. Claim it.

Be the light you carry in your heart. Be this light in the world and shine it out to those who are ready to see it. Love those you are not yet ready to accept your light for it only means they don't have a connection to their own light yet.

It is a conscious decision to live from light when there is not always a visible sign of it in external surroundings. Be the one who chooses this conscious existence and readily connects to it. Be the one who leads from a place where only truth prospers. Be  the one who claims your light and lovingly supports others in doing the same. 

Live from a place where your natural light shines exuberantly and naturally.  Love from a place that recognizes that All have this same light. Connect to this light on a soul level when you do not see it on a human level. Acknowledge this light is always available and open. 

Be the light that the world needs right now for it is calling for more light to shine than ever before. Claim your light and allow it to shine daily.


Copyright ©2013 by Molly McCord. This material is protected by US and international copyright and may be distributed freely in its entirety as long as the author’s name and website, are included.

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