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October Brings A No Going Back Energy

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 3:20 AM

October will bring a 'no going back' energy to your life.

You will feel the change within your being first as a point of equilibrium, of weighing the pros and cons, of evaluating potential paths. Perhaps your mind will feel unsettled or distracted or uncertain. Or maybe you will feel a rising message within you that gets louder and louder.

And then you will hear a resounding YES that brings great clarity.

You are done with something, someone, or some aspect of what you previously experienced. The completion may be felt as a death of part of you because it has been significant on your journey and in your self-identity, but then as it exits, it will leave room for higher consciousness to flood in with new gifts. This could be insanely personal or wildly public; perhaps both possibilities will play out. Perhaps only you will know.

Either way, if you can courageously open up to the transformation process and know you are in control of yourself - always in control of your energy! - you will see that the road ahead is paved in gold and personal riches.

October is a powerhouse of change with 2 eclipses, Mercury retrograde, a Fire Grand Trine, and more dynamic shifts. Courage + confidence are both called for to assert your new sense of Self.

No going back! Full steam ahead! It's only getting better!

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