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 Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author, astrologer, and modern spiritual teacher with no religious affiliations. Her debut memoir, The Art of Trapeze: One Woman's Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening, hit #1 in 2 Amazon categories within 3 days. The Art of Trapeze is the first book in her Awakening Consciousness Series, followed by The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness, in which she integrates Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey with spiritual growth. Molly released five books in 2013, including her contribution to the bestselling The Thought That Changed My Life Forever where she was published alongside such luminaries as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Often referred to as a Consciousness Catalyst, Molly's popular website, was nominated by for Best Spirituality Website in 2011. She is a practicing intuitive astrologer who has connected with clients in over 20 countries, and she is the official contributing astrologer to Happiness + Wellbeing magazine. Molly's popular weekly radio show attracted over 70,000 downloads in the first year.

Molly has a B.A. in Political Science and Women’s Studies, and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy as a formal channel for understanding Global Consciousness with a Jungian perspective. She is TESOL certified and volunteers her time teaching English to college-level international students.

She is the Founder and Director of Spirituality
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Molly broadcasts live every Wednesday at 12 p.m. PST to a regular global audience. She shares astrology updates, spirituality topics, consciousness insights, and speaks with featured guests. Two podcasts are included in the Multi-Media Kit.

A full line-up of her 150+ shows can be found on iTunes, or streamed online via Blog Talk Radio. 


Official astrologer for Happiness + Wellbeing magazine

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Rockin' the New World with Sass and Molly is an original 3-part video series of Mastery Courses combining over 30 years in the entertainment industry and 20 years of spiritual knowledge to ignite your inner light!


A lively 3-page interview as Sass and Molly share how they met, the origin of their Mastery Courses, advice for your projects, and what they would each bring if they were stuck on a deserted island together. (Hint: Sass's backpack would be raided first.)


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