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Laying Down The Law, Copyright Infringement Style

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 10:25 AM

I am preparing to send legal notices to three different individuals who are violating copyright infringement laws by using my creations as their own. Crazy how people do this and think it won't get noticed, right? The internet is a big place, but also a very small room.  

In this day and age, not only does everyone have access to nearly everything, but you can start to believe that when you see something on the internet, it must be okay to just use it as your own.

Actually, no. Nope. Not at all. Ever.

You may not take someone else's original idea(s) or books or messages, change two words, and use it as your own.

You may not take another person's anything, duplicate it, use a different title, and call it your own.

You may not take someone's original information in a free program, put your name on it, put a price on it, and sell it as your own.

And on and on it goes - most of us know this stuff and don't want to create the karma around it, anyways!

Besides the fact that Real Artists do not copy other Real Artists, these infringements can create serious legal consequences (read: big bucks). Is it really worth it to take the lazy way out and not think up your own awesome stuff?

Well, there are all kinds of people in the world - hence, the reason for copyright laws - and all kinds of reasons why people make a decision, or take an action. But there are also consequences. 

I know many of you are creators and artists, too, and it's very important for you to know you have every right to protect your work. A Cease and Desist letter can be sent out, or you can take a friendlier approach and give people a "gentle reminder" about the law - and that you've noticed what's going on.

Everything I create, write, share, offer, and speak about everywhere is copyright protected to maintain the INTEGRITY of the creations. I want my peeps to have the best possible everything, and I won't allow it to be watered down, or wrongfully duplicated, or used by an imposter.

Hence, the copyright infringement notices I'm sending out.

Hence, the need to lay down the law.

Hence, the peace of mind knowing good things are ahead for all of us who stand strong in the integrity of our business.

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