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Conscious Affirmations for Healing & Soul Growth

Affirmations Are Conscious Thoughts

Your Soul’s energy is very high-vibrational. It exists effortlessly in Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Gratitude, Success, and Joy.

When you speak to yourself with loving thoughts, you activate this innate Soul energy that is always within you (it may just have been buried under layers of heavy blankets and tons of baggage).

We have the power to direct our minds to focus on anything we choose. The words, thoughts, and feelings we express carry an energetic vibration that affects all areas of life.

Our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and energies can run the show for most of our lives until we decide to make a change, or we want different results, or we wonder why the same lesson keeps popping up.

At this juncture, you can powerfully change mental, emotional, and psychological energy to connect with the Love, Joy, and Forgiveness that is ever-present in your Soul. Affirmations are a great tool for making these changes.

A few high-vibe Conscious Thoughts from my energy to yours:


I am Love. I am Powerful. I am a Master of my Journey.

I Forgive any and all that I have allowed to sway me from this understanding.


I now forgive and release with joyful Divine Love all of those who have hurt me.

In all ways and all means, all is Forgiven now and only Peace prevails.


I call in higher levels of Forgiveness now. I call in higher levels of Peace now.

I call in higher levels of Divine Love now to soothe and release any and all wounds.

All are Forgiven now.


Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about myself.

Thank you for this opportunity to connect with my gifts, power and highest potential.

Thank you for this gift of higher Self Love.


I am surrounded by people who respect and honor my work now.

I am guided to find new members of my professional circle now.

My business grows exponentially and effortlessly now!


 Affirmations from numerous sources are waiting for you right here!

Affirmations Galore!

Conscious Affirmations for healing and soul growth

Conscious Thoughts:

Powerful Affirmations To Connect With Your Soul's Language


 This evolutionary guide is a rare combination of modern situations, past life connections, and powerful affirmations that speak to your Soul with high vibrational energy!

Affirmations are conscious thoughts that can be amazingly effective once the root energy is identified. Discover how to heal unconscious patterns, move beyond repetitive lessons, and change your understanding around what is holding you back in life.

Plus, get to the heart of how affirmations work, why they support your spiritual growth, how to use them powerfully, what affirmations do NOT do, and six key tenets for maximum results.

The five short stories with past life connections and healing affirmations include:

• Reclaiming Your Personal Power
• Dealing With Shadow Feminine Energies
• Adult Bullying
• Your Body As Your Ally
• Roadblocks to Creative Expression and A Loving Partnership

Enjoy over 40 original affirmations for Forgiveness, Love, Career, Health, Trust, Creativity, Prosperity, Living Your Best Life, and more!

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