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Spiritual Growth Themes For This Year


Each year, we successively build on the energies, lessons, and themes of the previous cycle. The 2013 Spiritual Themes provided groundwork for NOW, and as we move forward with new dreams and intentions, we will need to incorporate those learned insights into our foundation.

2014 promises to take us to amazing places, and the changes can be graceful and empowering if we are open to what we can't see yet. A process must unfold, and you are powerful within every process. This year supports owning your knowledge and energy more than ever, but it also requires a continual purification of what does not resonate. Feeling stability within your own energy field regardless of external changes will provide a safe harbor and fill you with grounding peace.

Below are six prominent themes that I received from Spirit about 2014. If you're interested in more information, listen or download the full discussion of these 2014 Spiritual Themes here.



Practical Application of Your Spiritual Knowledge

The rubber hits the road! Throughout 2014 we will need to practically apply spiritual principles and understandings to everyday situations. We can't simply 'know' information; we have to actively use it and spread it around the globe. You may find yourself in a conversation, group, or experience where you feel called to lead the energy to a higher place with grace and compassion. You may need to forgive regularly, and then share your forgiveness practice. You may be given opportunities to soothe your Ego-Mind’s fears with a deeper connection to Source energy. Whatever patterns appear for you this year, you can choose to apply your spiritual expertise with clear intentions.

Similar to going on a solo expedition, now is the time to bring BACK the spiritual knowledge you've learned and use it wisely. The image of a boomerang is coming through as I share this. New information and ways of living need to spread to other people in order to be sustainable. Don't keep what you know inside – share, write, speak, open up and release it back to the world as a gift for all.


Honoring Your Authority


It's time to own your energy fully and completely – and this means knowing when to walk away, remove yourself energetically from anything of a lower vibration, and choosing a different option. Honoring your authority is claiming your mastery with self-love and self-respect. You have the right to make decisions that are best for you; you have the responsibility to take actions that support you.

We will be given chances to demonstrate our inner authority with strength and courage by only engaging based on intentional choice. Be ready to say “no” when necessary and to gracefully remove your energy from people, environments, and situations that do not truly resonate with you. You always have the free will to do this, and it's more important than ever to love yourself in this way throughout 2014.

Magnetic Manifestations

Anything can happen at anytime in this new world! Be ready for miracles and be open to incredible developments that support your intentions. With the ending of an 11-year pole cycle, we are literally shifting to a new magnetic north filled with fresh, clear attractions. Clean your thoughts, emotions, and intentions daily to be in the purest state of energy.

We are more connected than ever before – technologically, mentally, spiritually – and these are all doorways that allow us to pick up on each others desires and intentions. As you focus on what you want, a direct signal is sent out faster than ever to like-energies and the manifestation can be instantly activated. 2014 is a dynamite year for clear intentions on a daily basis – and get ready for stellar results!

Spiritual Life Cycle Stages


We will observe where many people are on their spiritual path, and I'm being shown these categories as “life cycle stages.” Similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, each person is a Soul growing, expanding, and developing through a specific stage that is best for them at this time. These are the key words associated with each of the four life cycle stages:

Spiritual Infants: Stability, simplicity, comfort. No interest in personal growth and development; focus on basic survival needs.

Spiritual Children: Curiosity, playful, no commitments. Repeats what is popular. Plays 'follow the leader.' Limited understanding and often content with status quo.

Spiritual Teenagers: Reckless, righteousness, exploring, integrating, applying. Seeking boundaries through extremes.

Spiritual Adults: Responsibility, maturity, openness, accepting, realistic. Can feel heaviness, obligation, weariness. Needs to relax and trust.

One of the key lessons of working with spiritual life cycles is communication. How does one speak to a Spiritual Infant or a Spiritual Teenager? What language is effective to find a common ground?

I'll be sharing more about this theme in this radio show to support us with power and acceptance! 150+ shows are freely available online or you can download via iTunes.

Energetic Independence


Similar to Honoring Your Authority, 2014 is a pioneering year that supports following yourself more than ever. Cutting cords, releasing connections, changing family relationships, ending outdated friendships, and finalizing unhealthy patterns are necessary components to energetic independence as a sovereign powerful being. You will feel uncomfortable more quickly when you are around an energy vampire, spiritual spammer, or anyone seeking to feed off of you in some way.

The song that came through with this theme is “You Can Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. You will need to call on your inner courage to make choices that support your energetic independence. You already have everything you need, and will therefore rely on others less and less with each passing year. Staying in alignment with your Soul Mission is more important than ever!

The Big Bang Theory


We are moving through one of humanity's most intense growth phases where we, collectively, will never be the same again. The Big Bang Theory is an energetic explosion of beginnings, revelations, transitions, and evolution. We will look back on 2014, through the beautiful eyes of hindsight, and see how a part of our experience changed us forever. Dynamic changes, at their best, are meant to elevate us to new levels of personal power, awareness, and happiness. Pressure will mount to change, release, transmute, and grow.

Astrologically, this is associated with the Cardinal Grand Cross that will be triggered through the first six months of the year. Similar to coal creating a diamond, the Big Bang energy will give birth to deeper beauty, meaning, and life direction if you are open to what is being created. Those who resist the inevitable will experience more chaos until they choose to tap into the higher flows of Trust, Faith, and Inner Peace.

We are all in this together, so let's spread the high-vibes of 2014 as much as possible!


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