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4 Honest Thoughts to Ponder Today

Posted on October 17, 2014 at 10:05 AM

1. Am I honoring and respecting myself in all ways? Do my relationships reflect that back to me?

The inner world reflects the outer world. Successful on-going relationships continually grow with us. Successful temporary relationships take us to a new place and gently set us down on its shore. Relationships that make us uncomfortable in any way reflect an inner discomfort with Self as the issue has come to our awareness for purposes of growth, and to evolve it. All relationships are gifts.

2. Am I actively expressing myself creatively?

Creative self-expression is your birthright. It ebbs and flows in a natural flow of expansion, retraction, give, and release. Creativity may also be a very private and inner world that requires no external validation or sharing. Even if the creativity is not taking full physical form, the intention to create may be active and alive.

3. Am I making time to listen to myself every day?

Peaceful moments with your soul feeds your life force. Take a few minutes every day to be silent and hear your Self on deeper levels. Staring at waves, the slow-moving sky, a swaying tree branch or a bird in flight can instantly connect you to nature's beautiful silent ways.

4. Am I trusting my gut, my instincts and my intuition on a regular basis?

Inner knowingness is direct and instant, yet the mind can chime in and skillfully override instincts. Continually developing and trusting gut reactions will create greater life ease. Look back on other instances when you trusted yourself fully and see where those decisions led you. Develop the practice more everyday.

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