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Send your inquiry my way, and along with Spiritual Guidance Team, we'll answer it for free!

The last radio show of every month is now dedicated to your top spirituality questions.

Previous questions have included:
  • Why do some people seem to grow on their spiritual path quickly and others, like myself, are slower?
  • How do you know if you have more spiritual talents to uncover?
  • What happens when you cut cords with someone?
  • How do you block an energy exchange and/or protect yourself from unwanted energetic connections?

    Just fill out the simple form below and then listen for your answer live!

    Chances are, your question will also be beneficial to thousands of other people, so thank you for sharing and opening up.

*Questions can be submitted up until midnight PST the last Monday of the month. I will only contact you if I need further information.

*Sometimes, this form has an attitude and decides it will play with you and pretend not to send your message (technology...eye-rolling...). I usually receive messages twice when this happens, so chances are your question was actually sent and received on my end. If you want to double-check, please feel free to email me at molly [at] and I'll let you know, no problem.
Thank you!

You can listen to the radio show every week on Blog Talk Radio or download on iTunes.

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