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Yep, this is the place for Fabulous Free Stuff!

But don't you want my email address first?

I thought about requiring an email address in order to receive Fabulous Free Stuff. That is the standard practice and it makes good sense, especially for building an email list.

In fact, I was an Email Marketing and Digital Strategist for awhile, so I completely understand why - and how - email addresses are critical to websites, blogs and businesses.

Here's the thing for me, though: I only want your email address if you want to supply it. Some people will only want Fabulous Free Stuff and then be on their way. I'm totally cool with that.

My theory is:

  • No one needs another email they really don't want to read (UGH, right?)
  • I want a quality email list full of awesome people!
  • I believe in the spirit of this website and know it will connect to people who believe in it, too, regardless of anything else.

If you are sincerely interested in what Conscious | Cool | Chic is about, and you want to be more engaged, then I would just love it if you joined the C|C|C newsletter! Sign-up box is on the sidebar to the right.

If you feel the need to balance the energy of giving and receiving, please “pay” with a sweet Tweet, a Facebook mention, an email, or the best way you are guided.

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