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Trust Your Intuition, Find a Smashing Dress

Posted on August 13, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Fused Glass by Nina Cambron

Last Friday evening, I was exhausted from a busy week of doing, going and moving. Laying flat-out on the couch with one cat on my lap, even turning on the television felt like too much work. The silence was lovely. The not-doing was golden.

In the back of my mind, I recalled that I have an event coming up that requires a new outfit. I unloaded many clothes a few weeks ago, so my closet has felt uninspired and empty lately.

While lying there on the couch semi-dozing, I softly heard a message come through from that wonderful little intuitive voice we all carry. The message was to go to one of my favorite stores and a perfect dress would be there waiting for me. I kept hearing the name “Klein” and that it would be agreat deal. I considered ignoring this message and continue lying down in silent splendor.  

But shopping is an incredible incentive sometimes. Despite my best effort at laziness, I apparently could summon enough energy to wander a store mindlessly. I sat up, removed the cat from my lap and made my way to the car.

Upon arrival, I circled the perimeter of the dress department like a lioness zeroing in on its prey. Nothing jumped out at me. Then I slowly walked amongst the racks and shifted through all hangers in my size. A kinda-cute dress looked like a possibility, but didn’t feel right. I left it hanging and kept searching.

After circling all racks twice, I arrived at the clearance rack. Nestled discreetly in between two other items was a black cap-shoulder dress. I pulled it out eagerly to hang in front of me: Black knee-length dress with a figure-flattering belt. Fully lined. Scoop front neck and cap shoulder sleeves. Timeless style that would be perfect with a plethora of accessories. Calvin Klein. Regularly $180. Marked down to 20 dollars.

I stared at its perfection. Then ran to the dressing room to try it on. Yep – perfect fit. I double-checked the price tag to make sure I saw it correctly and wasn’t delusional: Yep - still only $20 bucks.

I walked around all the racks again and there was no other dress like this in the store. Gripping the hanger against my chest, I took the perfect dress to an open cashier. It really is worth it to get off the couch when you’re tired sometimes.

The perfect Calvin Klein outfit was a great reward after a long week, but I knew this experience wasn’t simply about finding a smashing dress at a great price. Ultimately, the dress was the reward for trusting an intuitive message. We are receiving intuitive messages all the time, but how often do we really listen and trust? How often do we believe what we hear without leaping to doubt, logical explanation or shrugging it off? How often do we act and allow the possibility to unfold like a magical scavenger hunt?

Intuition is alive and active every day, but it takes our human trust and action to make it a reality. I make time to listen to my intuition everyday, as often as possible, especially when I’m waking up from sleep, driving and observing nature. Some of my best inspirations and moments of comfort come at these times. Here are a few essentials I’ve learned along the way:

Intuition speaks to us in whispers. Making time to be quiet and experience silence is crucial.

Intuition is direct and instant. It doesn’t hop-scotch around or weave lazily through other thoughts. Intuition is prompt and to the point.

Your logical mind will probably question it every time. Every time. Accept that as part of the process. Tell your mental capacities to humor you and “let’s just go with this possibility for a bit, shall we?”

Intuition needs to be practiced. It is a muscle that must be built over time through listening, trusting and acting. Start with small daily things. Increase your trust level as it feels comfortable.

Make it a goal to consciously trust your intuition for the next 24 hours. You may be delightfully surprised by the perfect, beautiful possibilities that are waiting for you!

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