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A Conscious Summer Retrospective

Posted on September 19, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Photo by Stefano la Rosa

 Summer is slowly showing up in the rear view window as we fully enter September. Three quarters of 2011 is nearly complete. We are standing at a powerful place in the year where the days and nights are about to be balanced yet again with the Fall Equinox. And in the past few months, the earth has experienced a variety of cleansing modalities: hurricanes, unforgiving floods, intense heat and wild fires.

As we transition to a new season, consider where you are on your journey:

1. How are you different now from 6 months ago when spring blooms were emerging? Priorities have shifted, unexpected developments have made us stop and re-consider plans, and new information has come to our awareness in a major way.

2. What has changed the most for you internally? Perhaps issues that bothered you earlier in the year are no longer a concern or interest. Perhaps you are feeling more peaceful and settled in some area of life that absorbed your attention previously.

3. What has come to your awareness that now brings you greater joy? Where does your energy want to go? A re-surgence of creativity and personal expression is a delightful outlet after periods of stop, stall, yes-and-no. Follow the energy naturally and fully.

We are experiencing more powerful energy every month as we move through 2011, so remember to keep your heart focused on your dreams. Keep your mind above the fear-based fray. Keep your spirit cleansed with regular meditation and peace. Keep going, doing and being because on many levels, you are creating the life of your dreams each day. It doesn't get any better than that.

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