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Posted on February 26, 2011 at 12:12 AM

Considering all of the good things they have done in the world, there are many things to love about Heifer International. But a special thing that we love about this organization is that they offer so many choices. Pick your donation based on animals, places, packages, donation amount, or simply "give where it's most needed." Or host a Heifer fundraising event. Or volunteer. Or simply sent a small donation and receive free e-cards. The goodwill possibilities just keep growing.

In this era of fast moving everything, non-profits have to work extra hard to not only get our attention, but to get our $. So when we come across one that is creatively engaging their donor base with mulitple options, we like to give them a little recognition for their conscious efforts in the world. And it's also cool just to be able to say, "Today I donated a flock of chicks and it's only 9am!"

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