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Found it! Money Grows on THIS Tree

Posted on April 2, 2011 at 6:47 AM

It turns out money does grow on trees, but you have to have the right tree first. And here it is!  We have found the Tree of Wealth and Prosperity from The Energy Shop. It is composed of silver wire, citrine gemstone chips, and red glass bead accents, all stylishly resting in a glass container filled with clear, gold, and red decorative glass stones.

Of course the colors have important meaning (you knew that) which is, per Feng Shui, gold and red work best with the wealth corner of your home. The most prominent gem on the branches is citrine and check out what The Energy Shop says about this special gem:

"Citrine is a powerhouse of a gem, cleansing and regenerating by channeling the power of the sun. It is energizing and highly creative. Citrine absorbs, transmutes, and grounds the negative and protects your environment. It attracts $ abundance $ and $ wealth, and promotes generosity. This gemstone reverses self-destructive behavior and brings a deep, inner calm."

Imagine this tree sitting divinely in a special office window, reflecting so much sparkle throughout a room. For only $32.50, we want one in every room!

Check out The Energy Shop on Etsy for more special items, including some stellar energy bracelets.

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