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Pluck, Pluck, Pluck... And A New Road Emerges

Posted on March 28, 2011 at 9:44 AM

A road that runs right outside our neighborhood was originally planned to be a main arterial. The street has three lanes, including a middle turn lane, to help ease high traffic congestion and allow for easier access to housing developments. This was initially good planning and foresight – until the City Council changed direction 5 years ago and decided not to make this road a main thoroughfare after all.


So as you drive through the housing area, this purposeless middle lane has become a complete waste of space.  It causes considerable parking issues for neighbors, cars drive closer to the curb than necessary, children have to be extra cautious when playing in their front yards, and general confusion is created because as you look around, there is no need for a middle turn lane…at all. Instead of painted lines that could be easy to cover up, the lanes are outlined in hundreds of little yellow road bumps. And after 5 years of permanence, it’s unlikely they will be removed.

Two days ago, my Loved One and I were driving through the neighborhood discussing this very issue. How would they even begin to remove these yellow bumps? After 5 years, why would it be a priority anymore? And wouldn’t that be a disruptive, big project to undertake in this little housing area? We shrugged and resigned ourselves to the middle lane’s fate of probable purposelessness, while also acknowledging it would be great for everyone who lived here to have the useful space they need. Oh well.

Then this morning, as I was going for my favorite neighborhood walk around the wetlands and up the street, the road was suddenly fixed. The middle lane had disappeared. Hundreds of little yellow traffic bumps were completely gone. After years of permanence, awkward parking situations, wasted space, and continual confusion, the middle lane had been pluck pluck plucked up. The city’s street crew drove by, waved in their orange vests, and put down a sign that said “Fresh paint on road.” A new road had effortlessly and suddenly emerged.

And that is exactly the type of energy we are in right now: whatever is purposeless in our lives is now free to go as a new, better road emerges.

For many of us, much has been static and stuck in the past few years as numerous starts and stops prevented a clear path from appearing. We’ve been shifting, accommodating, trusting and preparing for what we want, but with the uncertainty about when it will appear.

Until – magically - it just arrives.

As if what we already want is already being fixed. As if it’s already on the To Do list and we just need to release, surrender, let it go while continuing to hold the highest and best intention. As if everything is being taken care of, our intentions are heard, and everything is well. And it is.

So in my excitement about the new road (because yes, I get excited about these types of things), I ran home to grab my camera for this blog post. I return to the road, stand in the middle of the street to grab my shots when… the camera dies. It tells me “Change batteries now.” UGH.

I walk back home to grab new batteries, wondering why these ones died right now, and the answer occurs to me: Because we have to bring new equipment on this new road. The old ways won’t do anymore because they won’t be an energetic match, nor sustainable in this new purpose. New road, new energy, new equipment. Got it. (Which, therefore, completely and logically justifies a shopping spree. "But I can't poosssssibly where any of these clothes on my "new road!")

Loaded up with fresh batteries, below are the fresh pictures of the fresh road. The top pic shows the white mark where the new road begins; the black dots are where the yellow bumps were formerly located. The picture on the bottom is the new road with fresh white paint, and also showing where the middle lane was previously placed. And that is my shoe print in the fresh white paint (just kidding ;)).

Now is the time to be open and willing to receive all that we want and that is for our highest good. I’m feeling this insurgence on so many levels that the energy is palpable. New doors are finally opening, seeds are sprouting (figuratively and literally), and there are many opportunities appearing to seize, grab, enjoy. If you, too, have been waiting patiently (and not so patiently…;) for this time of newness to arrive, remember one thing: You completely deserve all the good that is coming your way. Claim it as yours and celebrate its beauty.


Are you ready for your new road to appear? I hope it already has – effortlessly, magically and perfectly!

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