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How Do You Tame Your "Mind Monkeys"?

Posted on March 31, 2011 at 8:02 AM

Soul Growth Adventures: How Do You Tame Your "Mind Monkeys"?

This week's contribution is from Colleen O'Grady, a mixed media artist who specializes in murals, trompe l'oeil paintings, sculptures, and ceiling art. Colleen's creative work helps her tap into her innate God-given gifts and work from a heart-centric modality. She discusses how she moves through the "mind monkeys" and connects to her True Self.

Trying to tame the mind has always been a challenge for me. My thoughts bounce around like monkeys in a tree – did I pay my bills, what did he mean when he said that, how long can I play Solitaire before I feel guilty, did I wash that red blouse yet?

Focus, for heaven’s sake!

It’s taken me many years (how many is not relevant here!) to understand that my mind is not really who I am. My Heart is my true center. When I settle into what fills my heart, the distractions stop ricocheting around in my head and the struggles simply fall away.

Some people find their peace when nurturing a fabulous garden. Some feed their body and their soul through sumptuous cooking. Others take understandable pride in creating a welcoming home.

Me? I lovingly supply Hospice services for plant life, excel at being a mediocre cook, and can happily step over and around a pile of laundry for a week. The monkeys in my head want to point at other people’s gifts and compare me to them, clearly to my detriment. But I now understand that they’re just trying to make sense of the world by what they see around me. Silly simians! The answer is inside.

I now recognize the place where my heart feels peace, where I can truly exhale and excel. When I’m drawing, sculpting, creating, I’m in the present - I’m not evaluating the things I’ve done in the past, not worrying about what may happen tomorrow. I’m in the “I AM,” in the flow of grace through me to the clay, the canvas and the crayon. For me, it is home, safety, delight. Deep breaths and full, slow exhalations.

It’s a lifelong journey not only finding My Groove, but deliberately creating the time and space to return to it, to live in it, to honor my particular Soul Space. This is where and when I am connected to Source. This is where I experience the Divine in me. This is where God is waiting to be with me, one-on-one, and delight in the joy of Wonderful Me.

And in this space I embody the gift, I share the gift, I am the gift. Without consenting to be here, God will never know the exquisite pleasure of being with the true Me.

And while I’m there, reveling in what is so right, we can both gently smile at the monkeys madly leaping about. While they’re trying frantically to work out the solutions, I know the answer is in the still, small space. The almighty confluence of the heart.


Colleen O'Grady began drawing on the walls at a very young age and, to her parents' relief, started drawing on other people's walls after earning a degree in fine arts. She brings her love of canvas, clay and crayons to her clients’ environments with a special focus on the Art of the Unexpected. O'Grady Custom Art’s work is on display in dental practices, law offices, retail businesses and private homes.

Visit her website to see her incredible work: Beach Cabana Bath, a bedroom on the beach, her highly loved duck bottoms (on the ceiling!), and many other inspired creations.

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