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Goodbye Books, and Goodbye to So Much More

Posted on March 29, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Remember that box of 30 books that was just returned to me? It was kept in loving care by my dear friend Trisha who lives in Europe. We were close friends when we both lived in Paris, and since these books couldn't fit into my 5 suitcases upon return to the States, she offered to keep them for a bit (which turned into longer than either of us anticipated).

In the interim, she has been moving between living residences in Germany, Switzerland, Paris and Serbia... and each time she's moved, that box of books went with her. Long story why it wasn't sent back to me earlier... so we'll just say the timing when it did finally arrive on my continent was divine for both of us. And we recognized that there was some big symbolism in this box for both of us.

Here is Trisha's take on what that traveling box meant to her:

"Yes, the books returned to you have a huge symbolic meaning. This box has travelled and been stored in many places... Paris, Germany, Switzerland, and Serbia. During that time, my life was chaotic, unclear, unfulfilling. I felt like those books at times - I was everywhere and anywhere, waiting for movement and waiting to be returned to a "rightful owner." By "rightful owner," I mean my soul. I was waiting for that connection to be truly felt. I was waiting to "be somewhere," like a book on a shelf.

These books were returned to you when I was ready to leave Germany (again) and come back to Serbia.  I put those books in the mail to you as I packed up my last few bags, and a few short weeks later I was in my new in Serbia again with my fiance...starting a new job...feeling completely fresh. I had so much fear around flying, as I always have, but the minute the plane landed, I released all those fears and suddenly felt guided, courageous and light. YES, my fear of flight has been lifted! Like this new start is really a release of the past few years.

And now here I am. My body is reconnected to my soul. I have returned to a new part of my soul. I feel like my life is going somewhere meaningful and stable now. I feel the release of the last few years. I am starting a new chapter in my life book, sitting on a beautiful shelf, grateful for all I have endured to get to this point."


Based on her years abroad and extensive world travels, Trisha will be contributing more posts for Travel Tuesdays! It will be exciting to see what she shares as she settles into life in Serbia and travels around the Balkans. She has an M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy and works at the Commisseriat for Refugees.

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