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Posted on March 30, 2011 at 10:28 PM

We are a brand new website... just starting out...warming up in the world wide web... trying to make friends out there in all kinds of ways. And we would love to be connected to *you* if you enjoy our offerings!

Do you like what you see on C|C|C? Then will you Like us on Facebook? We would be so grateful! And would you share this website with your Facebook friends as well? Oh thank you, thank you - we would totally appreciate it.

And be sure to tell us on Facebook what you like and what you want more of to help you feel more inspired daily: affirmations, quotes, messages, anything and everything? We're up to the task!

We look forward to connecting with you regularly and to bringing you all kinds of Conscious|Cool|Chic goodness in the days ahead! There is a lot of positive energy out there in the world, and we love connecting to it with (*and through*) you.


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