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Thoughts on Vulnerability & Self-Worth

Posted on July 11, 2011 at 12:01 PM

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I've been working away on various writing projects and books, and as I go along, I occasionally find my Ego-mind kicking in with edits and revisions: "Don't say that! Don't put that out there! Wait, there's a better way to say that so you won't sound vulnerable. Twist it and spin it a bit! Quick, change it up!"

And so on.

Luckily, I know this Ego-mind voice well. When it shows up, I have trained myself to let it ramble on for a bit while I file my nails and sip my cappucino. The Ego-mind has very good intentions in most cases and is only working to protect itself. To be strong. To be powerful. To uphold an image. This inner dialogue will eventually pass, as it always does.

As I writer, I've come to a place where I truly value my ability to be vulnerable and raw. I love that I can put all of The Stuff out there and own it. It's taken awhile to get there and it's been an internal struggle along the way. But the reason why I love the ability to be incredibly truthful and real about my full human experience is because being vulnerable demonstrates true self-worth.

Vulernability says:

This is how I feel and it is important.

This is what I need and it matters.

This is me without any external image decorations and it is beautiful.

This is what I want and I deserve it.

This is who I am and I am perfect.

And so on.

I appreciate how predictable my Ego-mind has become when it kicks in with judgements about feelings, experiences, people and the past. It's only trying to protect me from mistakes, keep me safe from potential harm or external judgments, and uphold an expiring paradigm of personal power. I get that.

However, there is greater Heart Power on the planet, and within ourselves, now than ever before, and that is occurring because we are all opening our hearts up wider and stronger. This is a new form of personal power that is connected to our True Self and as a result, there is nothing to fear. Or hide. Or protect. It's time to shine brilliantly with full strength. It's time to be vulnerable because it is safe to open up and be your True Self with the highest level of self worth and personal power. It's time.

If you can relate at all to these thoughts, and are trying to figure out how to express something about yourself to a loved one, a superior, a friend or even just to yourself, you may also be hearing  that loud Ego-mind we all have. It tends to be the first to show up to the party, after all. But don't let it dominate or take the reins for long. Just appreciate what it is trying to do for you without judgment. Let it dance around and be the star of the show, if need be.

Then gently usher it off to the sidelines so the bigger star, your True Self, can effortlessly shine. Go for it. Say your truth. Share your experiences. Be your full self. Because you matter, you are important and you deserve to be heard. Absolutely.

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