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Consider Yourself a Jewelry Store

Posted on July 31, 2011 at 1:33 PM

The past few years have held great change and shifts on all levels of personal and collective being. Perhaps what you thought would transpire did not. Perhaps what you wanted to avoid came forward almost instantly. Perhaps what you wanted the most disappeared and has yet to re-appear. Perhaps you have been surprised by new joy and sources of abundance along the way. The path of Least Resistance often involved more hurdles than expected. The path of All Resistance turned out to be a giant circle. Regardless of how you consciously or unconsciously chose to walk your path, wherever you are standing right now is exactly where you need to be. Even if it’s exactly where you thought you’d never be.

A reoccurring theme at this time is that you cannot avoid yourself. You cannot avoid your gifts, your talents, your Divine personal light that shines through your human suit. You also cannot avoid hurts, pains, fears or the unconscious guiding beliefs that no longer serve you. You cannot avoid or deny any of the beautiful qualities of your Being that need your attention.

This is a time of continual growth and being real with oneself about the full scope of your life. Nothing is off-limits or out of bounds.

The key to dealing with anything that is not moving is that you must evolve it. You must consciously choose to take it to a higher place where it inspires you again or becomes an area of intentional growth. The time is perfect now if you are ready to advance in a specific area. The time is also perfect if you are not ready. All choices are always honored. Free will is always honored as it is your Divine Truth for right now. You know what is right for you.

Consider yourself an exquisite jewelry store. The finest jeweler on the block. The most elegant in the city. A pristine building of solid structure and first-rate design. A jewelry store that is equipped with the latest security technology that resides on highly-protected territory. A jewelry store that is adored, and evokes feelings of abundance, creativity and peace.  

Look at the intentional structure of the building. Jewelry stores often have strategically placed windows that are not huge, so the valuable jewels are not vulnerable, yet the glass cases are stocked with beautiful baubles that give cause for pause. They are ordained perfectly for invitational entry.

Now as you enter the store, consider what is inside each case. Consider not simply the final piece or the lovely assortment of arrangements; consider the journey of each gem. Consider where it began. Consider what it endured to be worthy of awe and appreciation. Consider how all of its initial nature-made “imperfections” created a finely polished, cut and masterfully-designed showcase of beauty. Beauty that was there all along.

Look at the expansive selection and sizes of items. Dazzling pieces in different categories, colors, themes and a full-range of price tags. All of these offerings are expected upon entry: A huge assortment of jewels that captures many people in different ways. Each its own conversational piece.

Now consider a jewelry store that keeps all of its gems in a vault. Or a store that displayed only the biggest and brightest offerings in a window, but no other internal selections to relate to for those who wish to see more. Or a store that only put out what was “perfect” when more interest lies in what is special, unique and not found anywhere else. Consider a jewelry store that was trying to be like all the others and offer the exact same merchandise.

As you look at yourself today, at this point in your lifeline, it is the perfect time to add more shelves and counter space to your jewelry store. Create space for hidden gifts. Develop room for new categories and options. Display a highly-prized gem in the best window, but do not allow that to be your sole definition. Plan for expansion as more hidden jewels will be ready for the sunlight in due time.

Are you ready to bring more gems to the glass cases?

Are you willing to put some additional offerings in a well-protected window?

Are you willing to allow all of your gifts and all of your journey to be a source of inspiration for others - not just the "perfect" pieces?

It is a beautiful time to honor yourself in every way. It is a perfect time to listen to what is whispering at you for attention. Everything you are carrying is a diamond in the rough waiting to be evolved to the next stage of growth. When you are ready to hold it and honor it as a priceless jewel, your jewelry store will shine that much brighter.

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