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The Heart Meaning of Procrastination

Posted on August 5, 2011 at 11:50 AM

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I have a few on-going creative projects that are reall yimportant to me. Really, really important. As in life-defining, excites-my-spirit, creates incredible-fits-of-glee-inside-my-being important. My heart swells when I am in the creative zone and working away on these endeavors.

Yet, simultaneously, I also find myself stalling on these most-important creative projects. Staring at them on my to-do list. Making lists about supporting tasks. Finding reasons to be busy today (It’s been ages since I organized that tupperware cupboard…). Thinking about the perfect time next week to get back to the priorities and work away. Next week always has tons of potential.

Okay, I’m trying to dress it up pretty and fancy-like inside my head, but I know what is really happening here: I am procrastinating. I am procrastinating around these tasks with other busy-work and trying to justify the non-progress with future timelines.

And to be honest, on some levels I don’t know why I am procrastinating. I have overall inner motivation. I have deep willingness. I feel creative energy around the projects and my ability to get them all done. So why does my energy ebb and flow? Why is it easy to put off these tasks? Why am I procrastinating around priorities that are The Most Important Thing to me?

I sat with my heart on this matter. I listened to its steady beats. With focused intention, I decided to dig to the deeper meaning of the unconscious behavior of procrastination.

Ah. Deep breathe. I get it. Deep breathe. The answer is right there. Deep breathe.

I procrastinate because I care

I care about these projects so much that I’m afraid of doing them wrong. I’m worried about missing something. I’m hoping that they will unfold perfectly and that I don’t forget anything. I care so much and feel that so much is invested in these endeavors that it’s easier to keep them at a safe distance “out there”. When the final result is out there on the horizon, I haven’t messed anything up. I haven’t forgotten any important pieces. I haven’t had to finalize it.

And as long as I keep it on my to-do list, I haven’t had to let it go.

When something is life-defining important, letting it go feels big.  Huge-ginormous-vast. What’s next to fill in that space? Will there be anything else to focus on with that creative energy? What if that’s it and then…silence? Those are the fears that silently come up for me. That’s where my unconscious energy goes.

I’ve come to understand that procrastination on creative tasks shows me what I care about to the highest degree. I procrastinate because I love it, and I love it because it’s my heart, soul and truth. The procrastination is serving as a form of protection.

Yet knowing how much I care about these projects turns the energy around greatly. It takes me away from quiet self-judgments about the shoulds and perfection, and connects me to the true intention of creative self-expression and sharing.

Acknowledging the reason behind the blockage releases it and brings me to a higher level of personal consciousness. I can then return to the original intentions of trust in the process, excitement about action and joy around sharing. The conscious realization is true liberation.

If you are experiencing anything like this as well, here are the quick tips that worked for me:

  • Acknowledge how much you care about the project and the end result. Cherish it. Value it. Respect it. No one else can value, cherish and respect it as much as you do unless you lead the energy.
  • Send the end result lots of love and support. Visualize it being cherished, valued and respected.
  • Release judgments around not making progress right now. Release yourself from unneeded shoulds and silly excuses. They don’t serve the final result. They don’t serve your creative spirit.
  • Own this moment. Own the process. Own where you are right now in the process. Feel your being surge with empowerment about this new level of consciousness.
  • Take in new, deep breaths.

Then see where your heart’s creative energy leads you next.

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