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Astrology: Wild Dreams and Big Energy Things

Posted on August 11, 2011 at 11:05 AM

I have had crazy dreams every night for the past week. Normally I remember a few vague details and impressions, but each morning this week I have remembered all details of every dream and all of the feelings associated with them. Makes for some intense mornings and continual investigation into subconscious meanings.

Dreams are not random, although they can certainly feel that way in the morning. We are always receiving messages to help our evolutionary growth and personal development. Connecting the dots between subconscious and conscious meaning is not always obvious though, which leaves me in an "otherly worldly" mentality for awhile.

Retrograde Mercury (mental, logical, communications) opposed Neptune (dream state, other worlds, subconscious) earlier this week which happens once a year or so. This energy exchange brings subconscious workings to the forefront so we can look at them from a different perspective. It moves what is inside to an outside space for observation.

Because Mercury is "going in reverse" right now, it will change direction to "go forward" and will oppose Neptune again in September. Perhaps some more dream meanings will emerge a bit clearer then.

We've also seen intense energy this week thanks to Uranus in Aries (individual revolution, entrepreunership, freedom) squaring Pluto in Capricorn (Power structures, examining authority) activated by Mars in Cancer (emotional intensity, re-inforced boundaries, extreme actions).

If all of that was jibberish to you, here's the human-speak version:

A lot of outdated structures need to change, and many have reached breaking points around their lack of personal power. Every area that is experiencing volatile conditions is ready for core-level changes at their foundation that honor individual power, choices and authentic freedom. But some times it takes getting to emotional aggression for those changes to be seen.

This energy has been an on-going theme all summer, but get this - it will continue into 2015 as Uranus and Pluto square off a total of seven times. Life is changing at rapid speeds and it's time to jump forward to live authentically with no excuses.

We see incredible events happening on a global scale because they are also occuring in our personal spaces. What we are connected to "out there" represents a part of us that is changing "in here." These are the questions I am asking myself at this time:

What area of my life am I ready to state a new level of personal freedom?

Where am I at a breaking point that is ready to evolve to a higher state?

How am I actively using my personal authority and integrity for the highest good?

I've made the connection that my dreams are helping me work through some of these deep energies, too, so I'm grateful for the gift of subconscious work. Our animals are feeling this energy and have been very active at night this week. Wanting to play at 3:30am does not go over well in our house, though.

Take really good care right now and make extra time for meditation. Even a five minute tune-up can balance energy.

Be patient with yourself - and others - in double doses. Allow extra travel time everywhere. (Wish I had done that yesterday!)

We are doing some of our most intense soul-level work at this time. Keep letting go. Keep believing in your path. (Keep napping during the day.)

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