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How Do You Nourish Your Soul Continually?

Posted on September 8, 2011 at 11:15 AM

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I breathe. 

Well, it is clearer to say that I let the breath breathe me. 

Well, it’s even more clear to say that I don’t do it continually.  Sometimes I like to take command of things, especially when I’m feeling fear.  That’s when I take charge of my own breathing, holding the inhale without letting it go, exhaling without remembering to inhale, occasionally gasping when I’ve forgotten to do either.


It might also be clearer to define what I mean by “breathing.”  I consider the breath to be The Receiving and The Releasing.  It’s not The Taking and The Giving – that would be me taking charge of things.  It’s The Receiving and The Releasing.  And, to be clearer, it’s actually done in the reverse order.  It’s The Releasing and then The Receiving.  The breath creates an empty space so that I can receive the new.  The emptying and the filling and the emptying again so that I can be refilled. 

That raises an interesting question.  Is the breath only about air?  Noooooo…. The breath – that great releasing and receiving – is also the emptying of my heart and the filling of my heart.  It’s the emptying of my tummy and the filling of my tummy.  It’s the helping of others and then receiving of help from them.  It’s the cleaning out of the dust and the receiving of the flowers. 

When I become frightened or stressed, and I take command of the process, I hold my breath.  I forget to eat or I eat when I’m not hungry. I begin hoarding or giving away what I value. 

And that’s when I remember it’s time to return to the breath.  That gentle, easy rhythm that the universe has already set up for me and given to me generously.  I allow the air to release from my lungs, and I allow it to re-enter fresh and new. I give my love to others, and I allow their love to restore me.  The Releasing, and then The Receiving.   That’s clear enough for me.


Leslie Demich is a Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner. Jin Shin Jyutsu shares a common ancestry with acupuncture and acupressure.  Rather than using needles or prodding, JSJ relies on gentle touch to unburden, stimulate and energize the body’s ability to heal.  Follow Body in Balance JSJ on Facebook to learn more about this ancient practice.

You can find Leslie Demich at The Heart of Wellness, in Tumwater, WA. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Leslie, you can reach her at 360-349-2451, or [email protected].

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