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Free Mini e-Course to Start June

Posted on June 1, 2011 at 2:31 PM
June is the perfect time to get clear (or clearer) about your passion! And this 12-day mini e-course, What's Your Passion, from the uber talented Lauren Gorgo is the perfect way to jump-start the process (or take it up a notch!).

The e-course is delightfully simple with a question a day to help pinpoint the essentials of your current dream. Fill out each section over 12 days and then check out the insightful advice she gives at the end to know your truth, happiness and passion in fuller ways.

I like that I only have to think about one question a day - so manageable. (And yes, I kinda jumped ahead to peek at some of the insights... couldn't help myself!)

Go, go, get it, get it! It's available under Fabulous Free Stuff.

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