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Pisces Full Moon: Harvesting Your Crops

Posted on September 12, 2011 at 10:30 AM

Vegetables are popping up in full bloom right now after a summer of growth. In our garden this past weekend, I discovered beets that are ready for picking, eggplants hanging from their stalks, cucumbers at their full size, and an ongoing selection of cherry tomatos that need to be grabbed off the vines almost daily. After months of tending to these growing plants, it's finally time to reap their rewards.

Farming is an excellent way to describe the current Virgo energy because it incorporates the strengths and values of this astrological sign: systems, efficiencies, resources and tangible results. Virgo also has dominion over healthy habits and daily rituals. Seeds that were planted earlier in the spring and summer have spent needed time underground cultivating roots, and now after regular daily watering, maintenance and sun exposure, the rewards of daily tending are evident. (And delicious!)

Full Moons always mean we are experiencing energy of the opposite astrological sign, which this month is Pisces. Pisces is an ethereal, other-worldly sign associated with inspiration, faith, dreams, intuition, creativity and non-tangible concepts. Pisces is comfortable with things being in-between, uncertainty and allowing ideas to flow. It is a very spiritual energy that Loves All and yet doesn't want to be restricted, held or defined - "Let's just let everything be as it is and accept it."

With this Full Moon, we are experiencing the practicality of Virgo paired with the acceptance and allowing of Pisces, and finding a point of balance in between.

For example, a Farmer who wants to plant vegetables and see tangible results will perform the daily work needed to create the end result. But to find a healthy balance that is not overconsumed with perfection and worry, a Farmer also has to incorporate the highest Piscean qualities: faith in nature, a willingness to release worry during the waiting periods and the ability to allow a natural purpose to occur without forcing anything along.

During this Full Moon, imagine "luna light" shining brightly over all the crops on a field, showcasing tangible results. Consider these questions to recognize your own harvest during the Pisces Full Moon:

What is ripe for the picking at this time? What have you created that is popping up out of the ground and is now ready to enjoy? Every little red cherry tomato counts!

What needs to be improved next time for better results? Don't be consumed by perfection; rather, make notes for realistic improvements. Our brussel sprouts were attacked by aphids, a common pest for theses veggies, so next year we need to take that into consideration while planting.

Where are you finding worry in your life? Are you ready to release that energy and allow more faith and trust to come in? Our green peppers are looking a little small and I'm worried we may not have the bounty we planned on. But they will still be delicious right out off the vine - and it's not like we'll be starving.

This Full Moon is an excellent time to consciously have more faith, trust and acceptance in any process you are currently experiencing. Know that everything will work out perfectly. It always does, right?

After harvesting, it's time to share the results. In the next few weeks, we move from Virgo's practical creations to the world of Libran beauty, partnerships, business agreements and personal relationships. Consider what you are creating now as a vehicle to share with others to strengthen bonds, and remember that you don't have to do it all on your own.

(And just to share another thing that is being "harvested" right now: Two of my best friends and I have launched a new website called The Crazy Simple Life. It's a lifestyle blog that focuses on a variety of fun topics: cooking, organization, decor, DIY, kids, pets, and self topics. We will be posting new content 3-4 times a week. Stop by and check it out!)

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