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Full Moon in Gemini: Prioritize During The Hustle and Bustle

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 12:20 PM

The Full Moon on December 17 at 25 degrees of Gemini is a burst of activity in the final week before Christmas and Boxing Day. The Moon in Gemini is BUSY on a daily basis, loves variety, and filters feelings through the mind - then wants to talk it out. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is currently in Sagittarius; this is the energy of the big talker, thinker, believer, visionary. Many people will feel extra busy this week - emotionally, verbally, energetically; the quintessential hustle and bustle of the season. Prioritize. Breathe. Pause before committing.

Full Moon’s illuminate what was unconscious and are a high point to the preceding New Moon (Dec 2). Ego-Mind energies are especially active with fire (Sag) and air (Gemini) combos, and we could easily get caught up in believing only what we think. Thankfully, Jupiter in Cancer asks us to listen to our hearts, trust our feelings, and tune in to our real needs. Do you really want to attend that party or does it feel like a heavy obligation? Are you giving a lot of gifts/energy/time externally and not receiving the same for your internal needs? Watch where your energy rises and sinks, and trust that guidance.

Uranus in Aries goes direct on the same day as this Full Moon after appearing to be in reverse mode since July. This is a significant shift in energy, like moving the car from reverse into drive and slamming your foot on the gas. Erratic or reckless “driving” could result, so remember to take a few deep breaths to ground yourself if you feel a charge of energy roar through. Uranus in Aries is moving to connect with Pluto in Capricorn again in April (Round 5!) and shake-ups will result. If you’re following your true path and owning who you are, this could lead to magical manifestations.

Interestingly, Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Cancer are in a lovely trine which also reinforces energies from July. Whatever you were working on in the summer could now have added flow and ease, as well as direct manifestations. This assumes you remember July… it might feel like five years ago.

It is also the last full week before the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) on December 21 and then we start to receive greater daily light as we move towards the Summer Solstice. This natural cycle focuses on reflection, inner work, and rest. Retreating inward is seasonally supported as we shift from the buoyancy of Sag to the solitude of Capricorn. Cap reminds us that we are the source of our own integrity and the path is of our own making.

The last week of 2013 is incredibly dynamic - one of the most energetic of the whole year! I feel it as a gateway between worlds: your 2013 Self expands into a truer version of your 2014 Self. We will be given opportunities to consciously own how much we’ve grown, evolved, and changed in a single year. Tensions may come up with family and friends because each of us is growing on our own timeline and in our own manner; this is not a group endeavor. Take really good care of yourself as 2013 closes. Appreciate, acknowledge, and respect yourself. Write a love letter to you calling out how fabulous you’ve been this year.

Join me on Tuesday, December 17 as I talk with Shannon Laackmann about January 2014’s Astrological Power Days. We’re getting a jumpstart on the first month of the year and it will surely be a lively conversation!


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