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Sept 5th: New Moon in Virgo

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 6:10 PM

Everything can use more Love. All aspects of our Being want to be purely and unconditionally accepted. Every person, emotion, challenge, task, and dream we hold can bathe in higher doses of Love. The energy I’m feeling for this New Moon at 14 degrees Virgo is to love all of You more – especially those small critical, doubting bits that wonder if you’re doing things “right” or “perfect” or feel that you should have done something else or made another decision. Those parts of you only want more Love (which is what they’re really sayin’ underneath the other messages).

This lunation carries the vibration of holistically healing our thoughts, bodies, inner processes, small voices, and all elements of the Earth (including your pet rock) with compassion. The Moon and Sun in Virgo are opposing Chiron in Pisces, adding the need to balance our daily responsibilities and tasks with a return to surrender and forgiveness: we don’t have to Do It All in order to be of service. Your high-vibrating energy is a service to humanity, so focus on the daily habits that support your healthy growth and a peaceful mindset.

Virgo energy gifts us with identifying practical ways we can improve our lives. Chiron in Pisces is showing us where to apply more healing energy. What needs to be released in the name of greater efficiency and function? How can you upgrade your health routines, diet, and exercise practices? What inner, limiting voices have you paid too much attention to? As we continue on our spiritual paths, we need to maintain a healthy physical body and attend to the details of life. Virgo may point out what is lacking or needs improvement, but the highest intention is to be of service. Remember, each of us has every astrological energy within ourselves so even if you don’t think you identify with Virgo directly, you carry the archetype within your energetic signature.

The Sun, Moon, and Chiron all make an awesome connection to Jupiter in Cancer, adding wisdom, Feminine energy, higher perspectives, and joy to the journey. Set fresh intentions to nurture and honor yourself this week, especially considering all of the changes and growth that 2013 has brought thus far. Open up more to your feelings and truth as Divine gifts from your Higher Self.

On September 9th, Mars in Leo squares Saturn, Moon, and North Node all in Scorpio. Scorpio is a Truth Revealer, and as it sits atop the North Node with Saturn and the Moon, we can see from this vantage point what emotional Truths needs to be addressed internally and collectively. Are you being completely honest with yourself about everything you feel? Mars in Leo is here and gets us fired up to go, dare, do! But then the courageous surge comes up against a blockade and wants to roar about being stopped against its will.

Remember: Everything can use more Love. Frustrated? Love yourself for it. Feeling temporarily blocked? Love yourself for it. Wanting to yell at an authority figure, policeman, boss, or father figure for halting your plans? Love yourself for it.

By September 14th, Mars in Leo will trine Uranus in Aries, and those “blocks” you came up against will have dissipated into dynamic opportunities and fast-moving change. Sometimes sitting on the sidelines is the best use of your energy so a better option can swiftly present itself. We all have power days that support how we work with these energies, so honor the timing that feels best for you.

A lot of energy will be moving by the Fall Equinox, so tend to what is in front of you now and clear the decks for an infusion of big energies by the end of the month.

And one more time, just for good measure: Everything can use more Love!


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