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New, Improved, Super-Fantastic Launch

Posted on October 24, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Debuts shortly! A whole new experience to expand your consciousness and spiritual mastery is coming. The Conscious Wisdom Festival has shifted, morphed, and evolved into an even more amazing way to support your spiritual growth.

We have been very busy behind-the-scenes bees as the final touches and last-minute adjustments have been put into place. Paint is drying. Glancing around to see if any nails are hanging out or if the furniture needs to be re-adjusted. Ya know, all those details that we want to be just right.

Fair warning: This will be a whole new experience that is not yet popular in the telesummit world! Are you ready for something fresh and awesome? Because we hope this approach suits you divinely.

And one of my wonderful team members, Andrea, recently wrote a blog post about the changes she is excited to see with the new launch. Good stuff, right?

Kyle has raised his hand to share his own updates soon.

Can you feel our excitement coming through your screen? Stay tuned as we roll out Version 2.0. You can find ongoing updates here, my friend.

With giddy glee!


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