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May 9th: Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 9:55 AM

“Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name” has been playing in my mind on-and-off for the past few weeks. It is one of those song lyrics that easily circles around in your head for hours until you realize you’re saying the words aloud in a busy grocery store aisle. There are worst things to say to strangers, right?

So I asked my awesome Divine Support Team, “What’s up with this song message, amigos!” And they said it’s coming through because I’m meeting new parts of myself that I haven’t seen before and grounding these qualities into my energy field. A new self-definition is taking root and forming on quantum levels.

Tres cool, I thought. Can you relate to feeling new on some levels? (I think yes.)

The Solar Eclipse New Moon at 19 degrees Taurus is solidifying new layers of Self-Love by bringing to our awareness higher-vibe particles that want to ground into our cells, as well as the outdated cells that are ready to go buh-bye. Taurus is a physical, earth energy that focuses on the senses, so you may even feel a heightened sense of everything including other dimensional things. Just to be safe, watch where you put your hands.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus and she has swiftly moved into Gemini right before the eclipse, adding a bubbly, social, communicative energy to the Taurus steadfastness. Venus in Gemini is the quintessential social butterfly that glides everywhere and lands nowhere, but gains a lot of information, tips, and data in the process. There are four planets, plus the South Node, in Taurus which all want us to kick back and enjoy the view. I feel this Venusian energy is beneficial in moving us forward with grace and providing a soft reminder to go with the flow during eclipse shifts.

But before I get too far into “right now”, let me offer you a bigger perspective about this Solar Eclipse. Let’s go back, back, back in time to a place called March 2013. (Okay, only two months ago, but please humor me and play along.)

The March 11th New Moon had seven planets in Pisces. Did you feel off the planet at that time? Can you remember what was going on? It could have felt hazy and otherworldly, highly creative and spiritually-awesome, and like something bigger was going on that you couldn’t quite see (all Pisces goodness). I was on vacation in Hawaii at the time, and I swear, if it wasn’t the mai tais doing their magic, it was the Pisces energy gliding through me as I sailed through the air on a zipline tour, shoes hundreds of feet above the ground and flying on pure Trust (story of my life).

THEN in late March, most of those planets in Pisces moved excitedly into Aries and wanted to start something new. New, new, new! Let’s go! I have the best idea ever! Time for take-off! Now! Aries likes to clear the way and get rid of old junk so the new can be spectacularly original. But the transition from Pisces to Aries can be disorienting as we move from floating above everything to charging ahead to somewhere, anywhere. Our feet don’t always touch the ground in between the floating and the dashing off.

But NOW we are in grounding Taurus energy with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars ready to get practical, real, and make something happen.

My point? This Solar Eclipse supports the otherworldly stuff and Divine messages you were experiencing during that powerful Pisces New Moon. Now is the time to take your off-the-planet ideas and blooming inspirations forward by building and investing in them. Make the healing, inspiration, and exciting ideas all practical in some way. Go steady and slow so you can really feel your feet in the soil and your fingers touching the Earth. Taurus values the basics of growth and finds peace in the process. No need to be hasty. Some guiding questions to consider:  

What represents you now in the energy of 2013?

How have your values changed since November?

What part of you is ready to ground into the Earth as a fuller reflection of your Self and Soul?

Are you ready to Trust that it is safe to share yourself more as a demonstration of Self-Love?

(All of this will be highlighted in a certain area of your life depending on which house Taurus energy shows up in your astrological chart. Get a free birth chart at and find 19 degrees of Taurus for more information.)

Notably, all four planets in Taurus are conjunct the South Node. The South Node represents karmic patterns, past life themes, unconscious reactions, and what is comfortable. Collectively, we are reassessing our values and handing over to Goodwill everything that is outdated, outworn, and no longer needed. But Taurus the Bull can be stubborn, uncompromising, and perfectly content staying in one place – I love standing here and only here and nowhere else in the pasture. Just here. So you may feel and see resistance to movement if everyone is clinging to their own part of the pasture and won’t budge off their blades of grass. The positive thing about the conjunction on the South Node is that you can work on intentions, projects and energies that did not come to fruition in previous incarnations, and raise them with higher levels of consciousness.

The earth energy continues with support from Pluto in Capricorn about making these life changes on a core level. (Which, frankly, has been the theme for years and will continue to be the theme, so best to file any complaints about change in the nearest trash bin.) The journey is about returning to self-authority and internal knowingness without relying on someone else in a JC Penny’s blue suit to play that role. We’re undoing lifetimes of patterns, belief systems, and unconscious ways of being and sharing our energy. But luckily, our reliable, omnipresent Higher Self is also assisting in the form of Neptune and Chiron in We-Are-All-One Pisces. This further supports the ability to incorporate more Divine energy into daily life by helping each other out along the way and calling in big doses of faith. 


My intuition says this Solar Eclipse is about making your Soul energy a stronger part of your physical human Self. Ground down into You, merge up to your Higher Self. Have a drink. Touch the earth. Rinse and repeat.

And let’s be real – there are people out there you can’t trust, or rely on, or influence, or connect to. BUT you can always (always, always, always) trust your Soul’s way. Trust up! Merge up! Hands up!

The third and final eclipse is on May 24th and things are going to get a lot busier. We’ll be buzzing forward, that’s for sure. Your daily grounding will pay off in spades by then. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself saying “Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name” to a new friend at the grocery store.

With joy for the journey!

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